Monday, December 20, 2010

Marriage Jokes!

When we read marriage jokes then it becomes evident that its a male dominated world. Women are ridiculed, belittled, dwarfed and humiliated as many as possible.

Do we men folks think we're superior to our female counterparts?
Personally I don't think so. Women are more goal oriented, focused, organized, disciplined and mostly successful in life.

If today's world women are doing all the jobs a man can do.

I know, I know my male friends are raising their eye brows and thinking that Asad has been a spokeman for women. But it is not as such. Today or tomorrow we'll have to admit the truth and the truth is women are equal to men.

If instead of shunning and making fun of women we respect them then certainly this world would be a better place. Governments and authorities won't have to enact stringent laws for male conducts at work places. Domestic violence will be a matter of past. We'll create an adorable precedents before our children and they'll also as our "Torch" bearers will carry it forward to their next generation.

In Hindu shastras it is written "Gods become pleased on that nation where women are respected"! As good and ideal citizens the duty cast on us that we put our nations in the good books of the gods and stay blessed. Don't you want your country to be blessed?

If you want then come forward and stop ridiculing, mimicking, shunning, humiliating, disrespecting and battering women. Stop joking them!

Let the good sense prevails over all the males of this world.


Lawyer Asad

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