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Legend of Isis and Osiris

Legend of Isis and Osiris

By Isis Ezat

Tells the legend of Isis and Osiris, the good King story good Osiris, who was killed at the hands of the evil of his brother Seth as a result of jealousy and hatred.

Has delivered a body of Osiris in the Nile, is dedicated to his wife, Isis has been looking until she found it in the swamps of the delta. Through the magic that was practiced and Taatsidh, she became pregnant.
The legend of Isis and Osiris, although they conflict
Between good and evil - in the foundation - but it is also
A story of love and fidelity.
And myth - in detail - she says that Isis and Osiris were
Really easy, but they have lived among humans for so long drink of their ideas and affected
Emotions happiness and sorrows, hopes and fears even become half-humans are influenced by
And Inflan as people alike.
The myth says that Osiris, god of the good came to the land of Egypt in the form of a good man to take
People know what they need things Dniahn in the fields, while Isis was accompanied by Carrying out its functions among the people in the houses and among women.
When he died the King's people chose Osiris to be the ruler of the country. And by virtue of Osiris with country goodness and prosperity to the back of his brother, six started with him showing some Calamities and do not miss the legend to remind us that six was the ugly appearance mushrooms Lip until you see them teeth and perhaps forgive this not to mention the main reason for hating six
To his brother Osiris always hates success and failure hates ugliness beauty.
Defraud and six on the precious gift He will give him his brother is a mantle of cloth is very valuable
King holds an impressive machine and then invites him to an evening of Isis appear to lack faith in
This invitation and Osiris, but did not pay attention to the feelings of his wife by faithful dance
In front of the ghosts of intrigue without clear evidence. In celebration of six prepared by his brother
Took place with cups and presentation of six warheads, and the coffin had been prepared beforehand and
Presented to the gathering, which impressed him, and said he was given this gift of this fund - Badi-made
Mushi ornate patterns and gold - to the person who corresponds to the specifications of the Fund
His body and after that try all those in the celebration of the Fund became clear he does not agree
The body of any six of them pointed to his brother the king to try to perhaps win the Fund
Beautiful and after that show the King in the beginning the idea bowed to the wishes of his brother and the
His court and walked in the steps fixed to the coffin and noticed this horrible sparks that come out of
Eyes of his brother. Once sat in the coffin of Osiris
Before the show the audience amazed by matching high. Took six cover and close the
On the body of his brother and close the locks poured liquid lead to the provisions of the locks.
Legend has it that six of trying to seize the city, but defended Osiris
For her hometown and safety of its people to the maximum as you can but the days of countries able to treacherous
From entering the city thought that it would receive from the Queen but I learned that spells Isis
The great gods of the time and when the income limit was six to follow is one of the
Powerful spells that turned into a small bird by which he was able to escape through
Window while standing six Mbhuhta disappointed.
When Isis flew from the palace were not identified a specific destination in which to search for her husband
And her lover, but it was landing from time to time to ask the Earth inferred from it that you find
Has the help .. But the days of lengthy and did not find a trace of the body of the beloved.
As is flying over the river and found a woman next to the river and landed Vtjsdt Isis
Ask for a coffin said to her, Women: The fairies had came around to her husband and
Abrnh they saw a coffin float on the water around it and radiating light and Abrnh
This box contains the body of King Osiris, but her husband did not believe that because
King is in good
Here eyes welled with tears of Isis and told the lady what had happened and they are looking for
Malika and her boyfriend. Isis now known that the coffin passed by here and became known as
The direction in which it would go and took flying near the surface of the river until it reached to
Delta where the river is divided into two branches there and here, Isis found in the same puzzlement
With any branch of the previous proceeding.
The puzzlement is in place and his eyes on a group of children playing, but noted
That there is a child crying in the image of human Vtjsdt beautiful and I got ask why
Crying and after several attempts, he told her he wanted the fund, which was on the swim
Page river.
I asked him where he went, and the Fund? Tell about the direction of trajectory of the Fund and the Child called on the Isis
Small after I promised to bring the Fund can be born beautiful, rather than the other, which
Could not get him out of the water.
After a long march on Isis met (but) big fairies I asked him about the fund
He said to her that the Fund has come down to the sea and the waves Tqazvth to that money under the
Poplar trees, which included the Fund and quickly grew alarmed and DARE Fund
I asked him whether the Fund would find there he said to her that it's not as simple as it came
King of Byblos and cut the tree to put him in the lobby and is now carrying the roof of the Palais des tags
King of Byblos and rewarded him with Isis replied that he wanted all his requests, which are used
Its power and magic Taoivha
Then followed the long journey in patience uninterrupted example, when I got to Bbeblos
I nursed the Queen so that they can gain favor with and had not gone days
Three until the child is going on in parts of the palace and taken the Queen Isis large
Jams to the palace and perhaps this was one of the biggest what endured after that Isis was the Queen
Became just a nanny, but everything is in order to trivialize beloved husband and the king has tried to
To reach this young man to immortality and eternal but anxious and alarmed his mother spoiled him
When the king returned from his trip to the palace of Queen recounted to him a lot. . And a lot about Isis good acts and I explained to him that women are not only the goddess of goddesses and they
Must receive the recognition it deserves and go to event of the process.
And admire the King of it, how can that honors the goddess of the gods or goddess of goddesses. The king went to Isis and knelt between her hands and outstretched hand before him and said to her in Literature gm he thanks her for honoring them and their interest in a young child and asked her if
It was able to provide it with any of the services. Isis to reassure his wife and I told him that the time limit for departure may ask him to lower it from does not forget the king said to her: "Unanswered requests from now on.." Isis, said: "pillar found in the The great hall ... I ask you ... "
King was not expected to this request. But it was not to reject any request no matter how was. Gone all day and workers are dislocated in the very pillar and Isis stands
waiting for all the longing, and love following the situation in great anticipation has been a long wait
To see the beloved and after completing the workers to extract the tree from the Isis hard place
Cortex appeared after the coffin and do all the ceremony of sanctification and honor workers carried.
The coffin on to the boat which will sail by Isis and Isis thus ended the journey after a long trouble and found that her lover has rewarded the great god Ra, as legend has it, and returned to her boyfriend.
Here begins a new phase of the myth is just as important as the previous phase.
When the boat arrived to where the Lord willing, Isis has made several attempts to open
The coffin and after great difficulty managed to remove the lead and then she opened the locks Tejera
Habib's body found in front of her she is now able to touch the beloved Osiris, but it now, before the saturation of its desire to touch her lover to return to the charms to know what they must do and have done so already, and although they were not in a real need for memorization of spells or review but felt that doing so is Osiris, who is trying to save him, so it does not accept that there is any possibility of
Of forgetfulness or error Isis started in Lawt spells and prayers and insisted on God and re-times
The times and even mouthed the most powerful spells and spell is capable of re-Life and God has already responded to calls and returned the Spirit to the long-beloved.
Awaited the pleasure of Isis and Osiris Bhabibha and lived in Hana does not know than that only
Deprived of his beloved disadvantaged a real then responded to it, but you stand a legend at this Min.
Legend has it that the couple lived in Hana for two years or more gave birth during which Gemayel, the son Horus, who broke the eye of his father knows everything knows his young age fishing Fish and use nets and spears and arrows.
Osiris was not lost on his family happy but absolutely necessary in order to search for Fishing, and seek their food for the mother and young child and endured hardship with Isis
Crawl Osiris and lived in a small hut is not the pleasures of life very little, but sometimes it does not contain anything of the sources of delight is the presence of her lover and small
They accept anything but be away from her boyfriend, but she accepted it when he took beloved to go out and search for fishing, not to be delayed more than a day and once a critical Habib and delayed hunting and a long wait no longer and then I felt it would not see Isis
Her boyfriend again.
When I went into the boat, who attended him to this remote place she and her boyfriend. Years ago and to my horror of what it saw as evil and six had sat in the boat and prepared to take to leave when he saw her and told her he would take is a small and to good and when I asked him Habib told her about all the coolness that he managed to kill him and cut his body into pieces and
filed in every part of the parties to the country can not even re-life
To by the hymns and sophistication.
Isis saddens me the most grief over the lost six did not pay any attention until the evil when view of the king of good and he wants to make her Queen again raised him and said
They do not care about all the thrones of the world and it can destroy, but he scoffed at them
Again and told her that he had taken all the reserves so as not to affect the charm and surprised her
A lot of his aides who Glboha on her, and placed in the boat and began to
Journey back to Thebes, where he deposited a private palaces and recommended that remain in this place does not allow them to leave him. And after a long imprisonment and the large number of begging
Lra great gods have finally responded and sent her Tut God of knowledge, which Aunha to get out of prison, who developed the six-Tut has counted more than the wisdom of the gods that they must find the body of Osiris and you will be able to restore it to life, after he left found with seven scorpions down her feet and began a new journey of Isis research and was whenever I remember that six Sitardha evil when he discovers her escape paid to the speed and hard to walk in Scorpions told her that the seven that they must check in this city to be eliminated Ra commanded.
And when I arrived to the city to tap into the palace of Prince but the wife of Prince expelled. Because they are afraid of scorpions and Isis came to the village suffered a lot until I found the hosted accept, especially after it was expelled, and even when the Princess found a woman Ayutthaya. The Princess of the expulsion and here it was necessary for Isis to use its forces to force the Princess to be accepted and perhaps not up to the idea before that defends Scorpions
The Bulldogs have seven children here and I'm Princess Isis rushed to save the child and after many hymns Isis was able to save the child has to pay this back to the Princess
Arbitrary its decision to expel the women and the expulsion of Isis, too, and after this there was a
A big surprise waiting for Isis, where the six sending a malignant evil scorpions.
So, the small bites Horus, who could not resist poison and when he came Isis too late is no longer possible for a small rescue.
Now Isis cry and cut Oninha silence of the night now has six killed her beloved husband Osiris and displacement in the earth, and had recently looted her only child, and cried in anguish "Prepared to again Dear god Ra ... O you who holds the keys to life and death heard my prayers and do not let has only taken me this way ... "
Finally, I do Tut god of knowledge and told her that Little Horus will not suffer any harm and taking Tut recite magic words, which is where force and then began life runs
again in the child. Isis and jumped to the cradle of the child and annexed to it and then I remembered
hypotheses did not lead thanks to it, who responded to her prayer Vastdart him to thank him. But Tut was left without waiting for thanks, as usual.
It is time to start flight search from Isis grandfather Idan body of Osiris, but here the appearance of another manifestation of the meeting For Isis to find a place for her son and the son of her boyfriend before
Go to Search, and already left when the priestess who lives in the enchanted island.
The journey is resumed after a long search and finally found the trouble of her lover head and was followed by collect the rest of the body parts to each other and the spells were recited by Isis for the second time this work in an atmosphere of awe, sad and terrible majesty has
Cooperation with women's love of virtue, strength and goddess crowned with all of this invocation and incantation Osiris returned to life again.
And the legend does not stop at this point but it is not only completed the victory of Horus and revenge for his father and mother, and restore it to the king but was killed six and evil but we do not we are concerned this part in detail, but to stand here to see the role of a mother who cared for her child and was keen on his life and upbringing, and all this did not detract from the duty to her boyfriend and her husband, but she insisted that complement the research journey and connect it at all costs this tired, and was easier to be subject to the calamity and lie and accept the injustice or accept
To become a queen without her lover, but in her heart, including a great love of the Father, but that
Live without her lover.
And here is a good example of progress to meet and adhere to Balmahbub and even this, including
From the love of women, but it, including from the goddess has been able to defy death regain her lover from the hands of death and is not shining bankers continue to report only what settles in the heart of true love and fulfillment and honest and will not boast of a fixed length of the search or trouble of the road and no objection to the opponent and enemy, which is not significant, but love a sincere able to overcome evil and to prove their loyalty to her lover after he received his the enemy is not only death and even after that tore his body is a sincere and faithful.

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