Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lose Weight Easily with Hypnosis!

Lose Weight Easily with Hypnosis

By Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Creator of HypnoTranquility

Have you been trying exercise to lose weight? How is it going? Are you having the success you've hoped for? If not, maybe you'd benefit from adding hypnosis to your weight loss routine? If you are a little (or a lot) over weight, you might want to know more about hypnosis.

Hypnosis and exercise make a great weight-loss duo. Hypnosis helps people with a lot of things, including weight loss. In fact, not only can you use hypnosis to lose weight by cutting your food cravings and increasing you desire for healthy foods, you can also increase your motivation and even improve your attitude about regular exercise!

In other words, hypnosis can move you toward actually having fun as you shed the pounds.

We know there are plenty of benefits from regular exercise. Physical activity has been proven to reduce or even prevent the risk of things like high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, osteoporosis, high cholesterol and even depression. So why aren't more people exercising to lose weight and maintain good health?

As it turns out, one of the most common problems people have when it comes to exercise is building the will-power and motivation to make it a regular part of their lives. Hypnosis helps combat this tendency to procrastinate and lose motivation. In fact, hypnosis, has been shown to help people increase motivation by changing their attitude toward exercise. In this way, when you combine hypnosis with exercise and good dietary habits, you can super-charge you ability to slim your waist and improve your health.

In today's world, thanks to busy lifestyles, long work commutes (and longer working hours) and the temptation of so much fatty food, the majority of Americans are now overweight, with a growing epidemic of obesity. In fact, an unbelievable two out of every three Americans is either overweight or obese. There are at least 15 major diseases directly linked to obesity including stroke, certain types of cancer and diabetes. Yet despite the abundance of healthy food choices and the mushrooming of fitness centers across the nation and the world, people struggle to lose those pounds.

Maybe the answer is that they need to retrain their minds to focus differently, and that's exactly where hypnosis comes in. Using hypnosis to lose weight is non-invasive, gentle and doesn't require multiple sessions to succeed. Using hypnosis as a tool to motivate you and inspire regular exercise has a proven track record, and, along with neuro-linguistic programing (NLP) techniques have been shown to improve exercise behavior and motivation.

A recent study showed that behavioral strategies worked best in initiating a change in a person's lifestyle. Behavior strategies include goal setting and self-monitoring.

To incorporate physical activity into one's life, behavioral changes require persistence and motivation. Behavior interventions were shown to increase participants physical activity by an average of 48 minutes per week. This is significant because 48 minutes can provide a multitude of health benefits. Many people feel overwhelmed about starting an exercise program, but with behavioral changes and incorporating hypnosis to increase motivation, exercise is an easier task.

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