Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The 9 Experiences That Will Change Your Life

Would you like to know the 9 most transformative experiences you can engage in to finally achieve
your greatest goals and dreams?

I'm talking about experiences that (unfortunately) almost everyone has forgotten or never discovered
in the first place.

I strongly recommend you watch the inspiring short video by Brian Vaszily to discover how these "Intense Experiences" will change your life:


This video alone will provide some powerful shifts in perspective and immediate benefits to you.

As you will also discover, Brian Vaszily is the bestselling author of the remarkable new book "The 9 Intense Experiences."

It has already hit #1 bestseller status in the Personal Development, Spirituality, and the Happiness categories for books in the U.S. even when it was in pre-order mode.

I could spend pages telling you what I love about this book.

It is based on a solid and extensive
foundation of research, beautifully written and fun to read.

But most importantly, you will engage in a wide range of unique, practical and proven exercises that will immediately shift your consciousness and your life in amazing ways.

Check it out at:

Best Regards,
Michael Lee

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