Monday, November 15, 2010

What do the Rich and Famous Know that You Don't?

What do the Rich and Famous Know that You Don't?

By Valerie Dawson

By now you've tried it all. And I mean ALL.

You've read all the books.
You've listened to talks.

You've done your affirmations.

You've written down your goals.

You've tried to "think positive."

You've visualized your goals.
You've tried it all, and quite frankly, you're wondering if all this
positive thinking stuff is a bunch of baloney.

It seems like you've tried it all, yet you are still unhappy with at
least one area of your life. You wish there was an easier way to reach
your goals, to have more success, prosperity, love, health, time,
freedom, and fun.

You wonder, "Does it all really work?"

But yet, there is a part of you that believes that there must be a
hidden secret that you haven't quite discovered yet. Perhaps there is
a hidden key that will finally allow you to unlock your inner

You think, maybe if you just search a bit longer, you'll finally
discover the secret to create the life that you really want. You've
been searching and searching... because you haven't given up on
yourself. You hope that you'll find the secret key one day.

The fact is that you've always had this power inside you - you just
didn't know how to use it! Nobody has ever taught you the easy way of
how to tap into your own power.

The super wealthy use it. The top athletes use it. Movie stars use it.
In fact all peak performers use it!

That power is called visualization. I know, I know, you've tried to
visualize before, and it didn't go very well did it? Let me guess...

Your mind wandered off

You fell asleep

You forgot to keep doing it

You had trouble making mental pictures in your mind
You tried a few times and you gave up...

That is, it was just too difficult to do it all by yourself –
especially when you're just learning and practicing. But the Olympic
medalists, highest paid athletes, movie stars and billionaires are
successful because they found an easier way to do it.

What Do The Rich And Famous Know That You Don't?

They hired coaches, hypnotists and psychologists to guide them.

That's right. Tiger Woods, Ellen Degeneres, Charlie Sheen, Drew
Barrymore, Matt Damon, and Billy Joel all paid someone else to guide
them. These famous people and thousands of others, all hired
professionals to help them tap into the power of their minds!

They didn't sit there all by themselves and "just visualize." That's
too hard. Plus, it's often ineffective, just as you know from first
hand experience. Instead, these famous athletes and movie stars paid a
professional to help them to visualize more clearly. And it worked!
You see how they have achieved their goals and are super-successful!

But most of us can't afford to spend thousands of dollars to hire
someone. Plus, how do you find someone who is really qualified?

The truth is that if you can get really good at visualizing your
dreams, you can rapidly accelerate making those dreams come true.
Visualizing your goals as if they are already complete helps your
brain to:

1. Activate your subconscious creative power, causing your brain to
generate all kinds of wonderful creative ideas which will help you to
move closer to making your dreams a reality.

2. Activate your power of attraction. Like a magnet, you will attract
into your life the resources, circumstances, and connections to people
needed to accomplish what you desire.

3. Fire up your motivation. You'll be persistent and continue to take
positive steps to quickly achieve your goals.
Before we continue, please read this:

The method you are about to discover will only work for people who can
devote 15 minutes a day to listen to an audio. If you think you are
"too busy" and don't have that kind of time to spare, then please log
off your computer now, drive to the convenience store, and go buy some
lottery tickets.

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