Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nature & life, both abhore vacuum!

Nature abhores vacuum and so does life.
If an emptiness is created in nature instantly it is filled with other objects so that the emptiness is not felt. When air on the ground becomes hot and goes up then air from surrounding areas rush to that place where an emptiness is created.
In life also you'll see that the wide emptiness is filled with time.
We all should learn from this lesson.
It teaches us one thing!
No one or nothing is indispensable to us. We can live virtually without anyone or anything.
It is called that time is the best healer. And it is very true.
You'll see how the husband of a newly married woman dies from accident. She mourns, cries, laments. But after sometime the wound or the vacuum created by the death of her husband is healed. She wipes her eyes and set to live her life.
It may sound cruel but it is life.
Similar incidents happen with the death of the only son of a widow. Still she survives.
If we live or dwell in the past then our life will be stalled. We won't be tread forward.
It is like trying to drive a car with the breaks on!
Obviously it'll not move an inch!
We'd keep it in mind that we can revive our past whatever efforts we engage.
Its an old English adage, don't cry over the spilled milk.
Embedded in this simple looking proverb lies a great truth.
Let it be gone by gone. What has happened has happened and there's no use to think about it.
The best method of finding peace of mind is to accept the incident as a part of life and be magnanimous.
Our life doesn't always lay our paths with petals of flowers but sometimes stew it with thorns too.
It definitely hurts. But if we keep it in mind then we not only be able to enjoy our present but also will spoil our own life.
All of us are mortals and going to die some day. We're all measured by our breathes. We won't die before time. So accept it when someone nearer and dearer one dies.
His or her time has arrived so he or she has to go. I'll also go someday leaving everything behind.
Whatever endeavour I do it won't be possible to bring a dead person alive. But life will go on. It'll need three meals a day. Minimum eight hours sleep and had to fortify it with its bare needs.
So it'd be better that instead of thinking about the loss we'd engage ourselves in other things and keep us occupied.
Life can be enjoyed best when we love it.
Love your life. Be your best friend. Live for the present.
The vacuum will be filled and life would be a bliss.

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