Friday, September 25, 2015

Keep Your Focus On The Good!

The power of gratitude is able to change your entire outlook on not just a day, but on life.
The gratitude that is able to be experienced within a lifetime should be savored.

The best way to do this is to begin keeping a gratitude journal.

You should spend 15 minutes each day reviewing the journal,
especially when you have had a bad day.

It will not change the day that you have had,
but it will change your perception of the day and any more to come.

As you find reasons to be grateful for, 
you should never hesitate to enter them into the journal.

This will give you more items to review in order to keep your perception on life
focused on the positive instead of the negative. 
You will begin to notice immediate affects as your perception changes 
due to the added value of a gratitude journal. 

Take Care,


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