Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Getting What You Want In Your Life (Or Not)

We are all born with the ability to visualize, but not all of us know exactly how beneficial visualization is for our lives. As we age, we can lose our ability to visualize the life, body, and relationships we want, and that can affect our life negatively. Fortunately, we never lose the ability to visualize, and once you realize the power of visualization, you will never want to push that talent away again.

Getting What You Want In Your Life (Or Not)

Manifesting the life you want is possible, and visualization plays a huge part in doing that. Being able to visualize that life you want (relationships, career, home, etc.) allows you to stay on a vibration that the life you want is on. You stay positive, focused, and action-orientated, because your visualization keeps you motivated to really experience that ideal life.

In fact, your thoughts have energy and influence your emotions, and that resulting energy attracts similar energy. This is the very basis of the law of attraction. Visualization happens to intensify your thoughts and the energy you put out into the world.

For instance, if you are worried about spilling coffee on yourself, and you start to visualize a scenario where you will spill coffee on yourself, the chances of it happening is very high! Likewise, if you are expecting to have a great day, and you visualize all of the things that are going to go right during the day, your day will probably end up being very satisfying and may even work out better than you thought.

Unfortunately, many people don't use visualization to its fullest potential when it comes to getting what they want out of their day and their life. And when they don't get what they want, they stop visualizing their ideal life completely because it becomes a source of frustration and sadness rather than a motivational tool.

Once you stop visualizing what you want, you stop working towards the life you want. You start visualizing the life that you don't want (and most of us are very good at doing that!) You become stuck, and your life makes very little progress forward, if any, because you are so focused on what you don't want.

Visualization, therefore, is the single most important thing you can do in your life to increase happiness and experience the life you want to experience.

Getting Clear In Your Visualizations

When it comes to goals in life, being specific is the key. You can't say, "I want to be a professional and live in a big home," and expect to know what you are working towards. That is a very vague picture, and if you try to picture it, you will likely have a different visualization each time you try.

Getting specific about what you want can help focus your visualizations on a very specific image. For instance, saying, "I want to be an accountant working for an eco-friendly company in my city," is much more specific than saying you want to be a professional. Moreover, defining the type of home you want to live in, from the floor plan to the type of floor you will have in the home, will help you have a much clearer visualization of that aspect of your future.

Having Faith In Your Visualizations

You can visualize yourself in specific home all you want, but if you don't have faith in your ability to get that home, then where will you find the motivation to take action in your life? For instance, you may see an opportunity to increase your income, but a lack of faith in yourself and your future may cause you pass it up instead of grab hold of it.

You have to believe that you deserve the life you desire and that with constant action your visualizations will come to life. Use positive affirmations to help yourself affirm that you are worthy of everything you desire, and use them consistently until you really believe them and feel connected to your visualizations with excitement and anticipation.

Improve Your Visualizations Step-By-Step With Your Senses

Are you seeing something of a resemblance of what you want, but the vision is fuzzy, faded, or just far away? This is not what you want. You want it to be realistic. If you are driving your dream car, for example, you want to feel the power of the car beneath you, the wind in your hair, the sound of the car, the smell of the car, and the exhilarated feeling you have while driving it.

If you having problems visualizing in a realistic way, try taking your visualization step-by-step. For instance, walk towards your dream car and notice the color of it. Then, allow yourself to see the shape of it. Then, allow yourself to feel the wind against your face as you admire your car. Then, allow yourself to really take in any details of the car.

As you build your visualization, you will find that you can hold a complete visualization of the color, shape, and details, whereas if you were to try to instantly visualize everything at once, you may not see it as clearly or as detailed. Continue this step-by-step process, using all of your senses, as you get in the car, close the door, and start to drive.

Visualization Affects Your Life One Way Or The Other

It is important to remember that visualization affects your intention in life. What you want, how you want to feel, and who you want in your life can all be influenced one way or the other by visualization. It is that powerful!

Positive visualization is totally in your power. Continuing to do it throughout your life will help you to continue to move forward to the ultimate life you want. But if you allow negative visualization to take over, you will get stuck in the life you currently have or, worse, move backwards in life.

The more you practice positive visualization, the more ideas, avenues, and doors will open up so that you can achieve the life you are visualizing. So make sure you get clear about what you want, have faith your ability to get it, and then practice visualizing in a very real way by taking it step-by-step and using all of your senses.

By Alexander Johansson 

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