Saturday, June 8, 2013

Want some extra abundance?

Want some extra abundance?

Carl Harvey

Try this quick & quirky NLP exercise - it's

called See Yourself Richer, and it rocks.

It will  immediately change your state, so

you invite more wealth into your life... now!

I used this powerful trick as preparation for

my Mindvalley interviews. You'll dig it :)


(Read through once, and then try the 

exercise with eyes closed for best results)

1. Take 3 slow, deep & gentle breaths.

Allow your body to just... Relax ...

2. Now, imagine what you would look like if

you were just a little bit richer than you are

now. How would you stand? What sort of 

look would you have on your face?

How would you appear to the rest of the

world? What do you notice first about this

richer, more successful version of you?

What's different?

Add as much detail as feels right for you now.

3. Now, step into the richer youSee  the 

world through their eyes... Hear what you

would hear... And *Feel* how good it feels 

to be this richer, more abundant you ...

Take as much time as you like, simply to just 

experience the world from a richer perspective.

Notice how good this feels.... :-)


Feels great, right?

Now imagine if you did this for ten minutes

each day... and you saw, heard and FELT

yourself succeeding in every aspect of 

your  life... from finances to relationships...

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