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Top 10 Actions That Will Make You Happier

Top 10 Actions That Will Make You Happier

Source: Revelri - Get High On Happiness

In his book "The Happiness Prescription", renowned Spiritual Guru Deepak Chopra says that happiness is the goal of every other goal. And how true that is!
You see, happiness is something that we all want. Whatever we do, we do so because we feel we will feel better in the having of it.
Happiness is a state of mind that comes from within, regardless of the circumstances we are in.

And only when we are happy, can we spread happiness to those around us. Being Happy is our real nature. And anything other than that means we are not what we should be.
When we feel joy, ecstasy and happiness, we are in vibrational harmony with the Universe, and we open the gates to unlimited abundance.
Every day of our lives should be nothing short of revelry - revelry of a different kind. Not the ones we often see at drunken parties, but something that goes deeper. Much deeper. We are talking about merry-making that comes from within. Merry-making that is felt, more than seen.

So why not make it our life's goal to revel every day, and live in complete bliss and ecstasy? Why not get High on Happiness? We have come up with 10 simple daily actions that you can perform today and immediately start feeling good.

These actions might seem insignificant in themselves, but let not their simplicity fool you! Doing them will have a profound positive impact in your life. Just do them… and see how you feel!

1. Today, get some flowers for your husband and thank him for being a part of your life. (If you are a male, then send flowers to your wife. If you'rennot married, get flowers for anyone that you love!)
Send your husband a bunch of flowers, and tell him you love him. And thank him:

• For being part of your life.

• For the special bond that you share.

• For all the wonderful times you have shared over the years .

• For the times he has been there to help you.

• For the joyful moments you have shared.

2. Today, indulge in your favourite sport or hobby. Indulging in your favourite fun activity de-stresses you and adds more fun to your life.

It helps you defocus from day-to-day problems and gets your creativity flowing. If you regularly spend time doing the things you love, you will become more relaxed and calm, and will be able maintain a healthy work-life balance.

3. Today, take out time to organize and uncluttered your wardrobe. A cluttered wardrobe adds to the miseries of a cluttered mind.

Clean the things that are in there. Throw out the things that you don't need… like old bank statements, clothes that you no longer wear or just about anything unwanted that is adding to the clutter. Once you are done organizing your wardrobe, stand back and take a look at it. You will be very pleased with yourself for clearing that mess.

4. Today, don't switch on the television. Instead spend quality time with your family, undistracted.

The modern world is a curious stage because even though boundaries are shrinking, thanks to technology, families are being torn apart due to a general lack of emotional space. Today, after you reach home, avoid the television, avoid your computer, and just spend that time with your family. Have dinner with them. Ask your family about their day and what they did. Play with your children, and share some precious moments together. Taking this simple step will help you communicate with each other more openly. And will also help bring your family closer.

5. Today, hug a family member tight.
A physical expression of your love is not something that you need to be embarrassed about. Quite to the contrary, hugging a family member tight is necessary to express your innermost feelings for them.

Before you leave for work today or after you return, give any one of your family members a tight hug. You will instantly find a smile creeping into your face. You can try doing this when you return from work, because this will instantly take the stress off your mind and trigger the release endorphins to make you feel better. Your family member will feel good too, thanks to this sudden display of affection from your part!

6. Today, smile and greet at least 5 people. They may be your friends, acquaintances or even unknown people.

Today, you can do something to warm your own heart and of those around you. Smile and greet 5 people you meet today. These people could be your acquaintances, your friends or even total strangers.

Smiling improves your overall vitality and enhances the quality of your looks, giving you a pleasant appearance and freeing mental blocks on a social level. Research shows that people who smile often are at a lower risk of contracting heart disease when compared to those who do not.

7. Today, sleep one hour earlier than usual and give your body some extra rest! 

Sleep is an important factor in a healthy individual's life. Studies show that those who sleep seven hours a day face fewer incidents of chronic stress and psychosomatic problems in their lives at a later stage.
Sleep refreshes your body, giving your mental and physical faculties the time to recuperate from the constant movement of everyday life. It also burns a small number of calories. Today, you can be kind to your body and give it some extra time to recuperate. Sleep one hour earlier than usual tonight and wake up at the same time you usually wake up every morning. You will notice that your day will begin on a positive note and you will be filled with more energy to begin a new day.

8. Today, Pray for the success and good health of 2 people. Do it sincerely.

While a prayer might not sound like much, it is an effective way to express your positive, sincere intentions for a loved one or a friend. If you are an atheist and do not believe in the power of a prayer, you can simply wish for the success of 2 people you know. Positive intentions mentioned in prayers can make you feel good about yourself as well. It can help you to develop a more giving nature and show a bigness of heart on your part. Be sincere about your prayers.

9. Today, visit a scenic spot and spend some time with nature

There are so many beautiful things in nature that we can appreciate. The beautiful flowering trees, the magnificent sunsets, the enchanting lakes, the chirping of the birds, the meadows, the wavering fronds, the smell of flowers, the playful bees…Today spare some time to enjoy the beauty abounding in nature. It will give you a sense of oneness with the Universe. And you'll be mentally rejuvenated beyond words.

10. Today, create a Gratitude journal and write down 10 things that you are grateful for.

Being Grateful if one of the shortest road to happiness. There are many little things that we can be grateful for:

• For the beautiful mornings that make you feel fresh and alive

• For your wonderful family!

• For your caring friends

• For your loving parents

• For your dog who greets you each evening as if he has not seen you in a year!

Once you get into the habit of regularly writing down your Gratitude, you will find more happiness and abundance flowing into your lives. It's a great habit. Try it!

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