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How To Achieve Higher Levels of Awareness

How To Achieve Higher Levels of Awareness
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There are several levels of awareness in an individual  from self-conscious up to oneness awareness.

You can find out if you have low or high level of awareness with the results you achieve in life. The better outcomes you achieve, the greater level of awareness you have.
 Now if you would like to achieve better results but unable to do that it means you're not conscious on how to achieve them.
So by increasing the level of your awareness, you'll gain a better understanding on how to attain a higher quality of life.

The only thing you can do to increase your awareness level is by visualization.

Go in circles

People typically want to get better outcomes in life, but they don't know how to achieve them. They look for information in the external world and eventually they become frustrated since it appears that they're just only going in circles.

The results they get are just the same since they don't use their mental faculties. All they use is their 5 basic senses to guide them. They operate at the normal awareness level and not at the higher awareness levels.
So to achieve better results in life, utilize your mental facilities. In that way you can progress in life.

Mental faculties

With Think and Grow Rich, the author Napoleon hill mentioned 6 faculties of the mind to be developed in order for an individual to achieve success. Successful  individuals
have highly developed mental faculties, which they use more than the 5 basic senses.

These are:


The reasoning faculty gives you the ability to think. Use your brain and think always before accepting opinions as truth. Think of the goals you want to achieve rather than that of those what other people would like you to achieve.
If you really want to achieve better results in your life, don't let others control you. Don't as well get influenced by the negativity around
you as it they will affect your level of awareness.


Will represents the capability to constantly direct your energy in one purpose. You can enhance your will by focusing on an object and not allowing any thoughts affect your mind. The longer you will be able to focus on a certain object without your thoughts interrupted, the stronger the will becomes.


Your own perception describes how you visualize the world. Each individual perceives the same world in a different manner since everyone had different beliefs and experiences in life.  Know that your perception may almost be wrong always. So never allow your perception to deceive you. Look at all situations without having strong opinions.


Memory is a significant element of mental faculty. Everyone can achieve a perfect memory and having it can provide a lot of good things, but most people utilize their memory to their own disadvantage.  It all depends on what you would like to remember. You may remember your past failures or past achievements, it's only for you to decide.


This mental faculty gives you the ability to detect or read the energies of the people around you. Anyone has this ability, but most people don't know how to develop it. The more you use it, the more it will become stronger.

By reading their energy, you can determine their mood (positive or negative) as well as their attitude.

When you interact with an individual, instead of listening to what he is saying, feel his energy. In this way, you can see what he is trying to point out as well as if it is true or not.


Through the use of imagination, you can manifest clearly your desires. The more you use your imagination, the clearer your vision will be and the faster you can manifest your desires.

The key

You can achieve better results in your life with the use of visualization as well as the proper usage of your mental faculties.
When you visualize a goal you want to achieve, your mind and body moves according to that goal. Because of that, you will gain thoughts and ideas of higher levels of awareness.
That is how inspiration comes in to you when you visualize something. Your unconscious mind will make you aware on how to achieve your goal.
If you keep visualizing what you desire, the conscious mind will transfer that vision into the subconscious mind and it will provide you with ideas on how to achieve your goal. You will realize those ideas and eventually take appropriate actions to get what you want.

The results

Once you achieve a higher level of awareness, significant positive changes will take place in yourself and in your world. In general, you'll
become peaceful, happy and more understanding person.

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