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A Kings Son

A Kings Son

A great and powerful king decided to send his son to be educated in a distant land. He could have let him stay in the palace itself and brought him the best teachers and the best possible education. But the king knew that the prince will get a lot of experience when he is out of the palace. Good education plus physical distance from the palace will toughen and strengthen the confidence and independence of his son.

In that distant land, the king's son began to study. He worked hard and experienced life differently, which made him stronger. But along with all the hard work and accomplishments, he began to enjoy the joys of life which that country offered him. He no longer felt obligated to keep all the trappings of monarchy as had to in his father's palace.

He abandoned his studies and began to neglect or postpone the execution of tasks, responsibility and duties... and all this for the parties and small pleasures that the new life offered him. Without realizing it, he began to neglect his own appearance. And people started to flinch and keep a distance from him. He had hit rock bottom!

He had slumped to a low point in his life. When the situation was so bad that he could not bear it any more, then he remembered... He recalled the king, his father, who had sent him on a journey to strengthen his capacities, and he was ashamed that he had deteriorated to such lows.

The king's son decided to act. He decided to return to his father's palace knowing that his father wouldn't deny him.

The king's son came to the palace gates; he wanted to go inside, but two armed guards with bayonets blocked his way.

"I am the King's son'' he said."We are too," they replied, laughing at the man in torn clothes with overgrown unkempt hair and beard.

After several vain attempts of trying to convince the guards to let him enter the palace, the prince decided to go close to the window of his father's room to call him.

''Father! Father!'' called the king's son.

''Father! Father!'' the king's son cried again.

The king recognized that voice as the voice of the son he had not heard for many years. The king rushed to the window and saw a strange, unkempt looking man standing. Is that the son whom he had sent to school many years ago?

''Father, I came back and I want to come home...'' said the king's son.

The king, whose heart was filled with longing for his son, called the guards and ordered them to bring his son into the palace.

Dear Reader,

You are the king's son!

You do not need to reach low life to go home like the king's son.

Your palace, your home is within you; it is in your heart. Listen to your heart; only there you will find the answers to your destiny and your success.

Jacob Shekrel

Jacob Shekrel is a LifeSuccess Coach who lives in Spain and is building up his International Personal Improvement coaching company: Jacob's ladder to Success - lectures, seminars and master mind groups. Please feel free to visit his website at: 

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