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3 Proven Techniques To BEAT Stress

3 Proven Techniques To BEAT Stress

Stress can be a big downer but even if you try your hardest to avoid it!

It can sometimes still find a way to haunt you and when it does, you
can halt stress in its tracks simply by being prepared!

Stress is like a set of weights laid on to you, to make your day-to-day
challenges so much heavier and harder to take. If you cannot deal with the
weight, you may falter, give up, and fail, halfway. Therefore, it is very
important to know how to deal with stress because it can come in many forms
and it can disrupt productiveness, any time it wants to.

There are different forms of stress. You can be overcome by emotional
stress or intellectual tension that will make your heart rate speed up,
your muscles tense, and hamper your physical strength to keep going. You
will be drained of all the energy that is supposed to fuel your journey,
and so you can't do anything else but stop.

Here are three proven techniques to beat stress. You may have other more
effective methods, and by all means, keep on doing them. The point of this
article is for you to realize that stress can attack you, anytime, and you
need to have a plan and strategy to battle it the best way possible.

1. Let go!

Yes, as simple as it sounds - you must master your mind by learning to
let go of your stress.

What do I mean by "Let go"!?

What I like to do, is think of something TERRIBLE in comparison to
what I'm stressed or anxious about. Often this immediately changes
my state.

Sometimes I think:

- Somebody would LOVE to have this problem right now.

- What does this problem ACTUALLY affect, if anything?

Often when I think about my problems in comparison to somebody elses,
they actually dissipate as fast as they came. Sometimes we get so absorbed
by our own problems, it's easy to lose perspective of what it actually means.

Also If something is stressing you out, instead of trying to fix it and further
stress yourself in the process...

If you need to shout out and scream, go ahead. If you need to throw
punches, hit the gym and go for it.

Harness your stress as a means to further betting yourself! That way
you're actually funneling your negative emotions to a worthwhile cause! :)

Before you know it, once you've gained momentum - your negative "fuel"
will be replaced with that in the positive!

2. Define your limits.

You are not a machine. Actually, even machines breakdown, so you eventually
will need to reboot and recharge.

A lot of people push themselves to the limit because they are determined
to make it to the top, but what use is it to push yourself too hard and then
end up with health problems later on?

There is nothing wrong with pushing yourself but you need to be
realistic. Protect yourself from stress by taking enough vitamins and by
providing proper nourishment for your mind and body.

3. Move environment

Change your environment every so often, especially if your environment is
already causing you stress. By doing things that have been proven to
manifest joy within your inner-core, will as a result hurdle the activites
that put you down.

Also, it's useful to be "the better person" by avoid useless confrontations
where it's usually easy to emotionally react. Such confrontations usually
attract negative vibrations that can ruin your day easily.

Hopefully this is some food for thought today.


Your friend and success coach,

Edited by: Lawyer Asad

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