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3 Manifestation Secrets That No One Is Talking About

3 Manifestation Secrets That No One Is Talking About

Here are three manifestation secrets which are totally overlooked:

1. Self-belief

2. Mental control and focus

3. Positive momentum and constant re-wiring of your mind

Secret 1: Self Belief Can Create Miracles

Without a high dose of self belief, it is impossible to get what you want. 
With self belief, you have more drive, self esteem and confidence to 
achieve what you want.

It is no good "expecting" things to change and some miracle to happen. 
You must believe deep down inside that you are capable of achieving your 
goals, and that it is your genuine right to obtain them.

You must really believe you can do it, and do not waver in your belief at all. 
When you waver, you ruin the manifestation.

Believe, believe, believe! 

With belief, all things are possible.

Secret 2: Mental Control And Focus Is The Only Way To Manifest

Mental control means controlling your mind and stopping it from going all
over the place with different conflicting thoughts, indecision and distractions.
When  you are positive about things one moment and negative the next, or 
when you are indecisive, you seriously stop manifestation from happening.

The secret is this: Being distracted leads to no manifestation. This means not 
being distracted by your own thoughts, or by physical distractions in the 
environment around you. When this happens, you achieve a state called

Low manifestation = lack of mental control and getting distracted occasionally
or all the time

High manifestation = control of mind. Never getting distracted at all and at any

Additional secret: Most people are in fact distracted by their own thoughts more 
than anything else. When you stop yourself getting distracted by all your thoughts, 
your focus and success in life can greatly accelerate.

What you need to do is sit down and be honest about your life and ask yourself 

1. Where are the distractions in my life? Write this down.

2. How distracted do I get by my own thoughts? Do I have negative beliefs and
thought patterns? Do I get bogged down in my head and think silly things sometimes? 

Write everything down.

The more you are able to identify the distractions, the better chance you have of 
eliminating them from your life. If you are at least getting distracted even by a few
things, it means you are not manifesting like you should.  Distraction is a killer of 
manifestation. It means lack of mental control, lack of intent and lack of mental power.

So, identify your distractions and eliminate them. This may be hard at fast, but it can
be achieved. The results will be so huge it will be crazy.

Secret 3: You Must Re-Wire Your Mind To Manifest

Please pay attention to this statement: You must always be re-wiring 
your mind every single day, or your manifestation will fail.  The mind 
must be able to cultivate, nourish and hold specific thoughts of your 
goal for long periods of time, such that they become adequately 
sowed in the fertile soil of your subconscious mind. When that happens, 
the manifestation occurs.

The key words you need to see here is that you must cultivate, nourish 
and hold specific thoughts in your mind for long periods of time. This 
only happens when you are always surrounding and exposing yourself
to the things you want.

In very simple terms, you must surround yourself with successful 
people, situations, thoughts, sayings and feelings.  This means you must:

Read books about success.
Listen to successful people talk.
Listen to audio programs about success.
Put images of success on the walls in your house.
Listen to audio programs about success in your car.
Hang about with super successful people.

All of these things will help to RE-WIRE YOUR MIND and cultivate the ideal
that you desire. This happens because through CONSISTENT EXPOSURE to
the messages of success, they become hard wired in your mind and are 
drawn into your experience. 

If you don't do any of these things and somehow expect a miracle from 
out of the blue...then guess what...nothing will happen. No manifestation
will occur and you will be left in the lurch for your whole life.

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