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Wealth And Prosperity: 3 Easy Tips To Attract More Money And Abundance

*Wealth And Prosperity: 3 Easy Tips To Attract More Money And Abundance*

Michael Lee / Source: Positive Articles

There are many simple ways to increase wealth and prosperity. You don't

always have to push yourself to the limit in order to attract the good

things in life.

For easy tips to manifest more money and abundance into your life, read on!

*Wealth and Prosperity Tip # 1: Don't Be Afraid To Ask.*

The path to riches starts with asking for it. Unfortunately, not everybody

thinks so. Whenever I tell people about this, they merely shake their head

in disbelief. But if you didn't ask, you will not receive. It's a universal


*Wealth and Prosperity Tip # 2: Avoid Negativity.*

And therein lies the problem. Aside from their obvious disbelief, these

people also dwell too much on the negative. Their focus is entirely on what

they don't have and what unfortunate fate has befallen them.

I have to work hard all day! I have a mountain of debt! Life is so unfair!

If you really want to attract wealth and prosperity, you must banish these

negative thoughts from your mind.

Instead, concentrate on what you'd like to have, what your dreams and hopes

are, etc. Having a good imagination also helps. Visualize yourself already

having the kind of life you want while taking advantage of
opportunities that come your way.

*Wealth and Prosperity Tip # 3: Tell Yourself That You Deserve It.*

Money comes to those who successfully ask for it. However, people who are

used to negativity all their life might suffer from a negativity
relapse. I call this the deserving quotient.

All our lives, we've been told that life isn't easy and tha
t if we want

something, we must work hard for it. The minute something good happens to

us (without our usual sweat, blood and tears sacrifice), we feel


And when you start feeling that way, the universe follows that train of

thought and you're back to square one again. So tell yourself you
deserve it. You deserve it simply because you asked for it.

People have always sought after wealth and prosperity. Admitting the same

to yourself will only help you become aware of how much power you have over

your life. Once you find the courage to ask for something, the universe

will spring into motion and opportunities will lay themselves at your feet.

Everything comes together. Everything falls into place. All you have to do

is believe and seize the day.

*Edited by: Lawyer Asad*

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