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One-Page Miracle Technique

One-Page Miracle Technique

One-Page Miracle Technique
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Here's the promise: If you use and follow the One-Page Miracle Technique, you'll strengthen the power of your brain, gain more focus in life and reach your goals!

Read on for details…

Why do some people seem to easily reach all their goals while others struggled for years to see any results? It has nothing to do with intelligence, talent or luck.

Science has discovered that it has to do with a certain part of the brain, a part known as the prefrontal cortex. So what is the prefrontal cortex?

FACT: The prefrontal cortex is the most evolved part of your brain. Most people call this part of the brain the CEO! Why?

This is the part of the brain that governs your concentration, attention span, judgment and thinking.

It also controls your ability to analyze situations, organize your thoughts, plan and carry and out your plans

So what this means is that… a well-trained and developed prefrontal cortex allows anyone to easily achieve his goals.

The good news is – "You're not stuck with the brain you're born with!" You can train your prefrontal cortex of the brain to evolve, to be more focused and to get you HUGE results in your life!

The answer lies in the power of the "One-Page Miracle" Technique… (more mind power techniques at Miracle Mind Method)

Here's how it works: The One-Page Miracle will help guide nearly all of your thoughts, words and actions. This technique has changed the lives of many people.

Here's how to develop your own One-Page Miracle…

Take one sheet of paper and clearly write out your major goals. Use the following main headings: Relationships, Money and Myself! (These are the 3 main quadrants of life, you can add others if you wish)

Further divide each heading to individual sub-headings as described below:

Relationships: Spouse, Children, Extended Family, Friends
Work and Finances
Self: Body, Mind, Spirit

Under each heading and sub-heading, clearly write out what's important to you in that area – write what you want, not what you don't want.

SideNote: This is meant to be simple, easy and clean. Sometimes the first words that to come mind are the real truth of what you really want

Here's an actual example of a coaching client's "One-Page Miracle" (reproduced with his permission).

Nick is a businessman with 3 kids, ever since a serious setback in business 3 years ago, he was uptight all the time and spent excessive time at work even after the business has recovered. This was some of the reasons why he came to me.

After you look at the example, fill out an One-Page Miracle for yourself. After you complete this exercise, put it up where you can see and read it every day. It is a great idea to start the day off by reading the One Page Miracle to get focused for the day.

Nick's One-Page Miracle
What Do I Want For My Life?


Spouse: I want to share my life with a spouse who is genuinely warm, caring, spiritual, sensuous, sexy, lighthearted, humorous, and enjoys a healthy connection with herself and others. I want him to be my very best friend

Children: I want to share in the joys and sorrows of my children and my lover's children, in such a way that helps us all to continue to grow. Now that they are adults themselves, it is important to give them more room to experience their own challenges and successes

Extended Family: I want the Universe to continue to guide me in assessing the extended family relationships that are healthy for me. I want to develop healthy relationships with my lover's extended family without overstepping any boundaries that might be necessary for my spouse to keep in place.

Friends: I want to maintain the friendships I have in whatever forms that are mutually healthy and fulfilling, and to make new friends as the opportunities arise. I want the Universe to continue to guide me to the friendships that are healthy for me, and to provide me with the awareness of which ones to let go of.


Work: I want work to be an overall experience of joy, recognizing that not every moment will be within my comfort zone. Whether I continue to sell real estate or change my career, I want my everyday responsibilities and tasks to energize and empower me in that I am making a positive impact for myself and in the lives of the people I work with and work for.

Finances: I want to be wealthy in all aspects of my life and for my financial wealth to reflect the wealth of love, respect, and gratitude I experience in the other areas of my life. I want to overcome the ego-driven conflicts I have with money


Mind: I want to continue to grow in my trust that my emotions are an essential element of who I am – not to be feared or disregarded, nor to be consuming. I want to continue to develop my sense of comprehension of my own emotions and the emotions of others – to recognize when emotional expressions and behaviours extend beyond the healthy range – to set boundaries, find resources for myself, and offer resources to others when necessary, and be willing to walk away if the desire to be healthy emotionally isn't as important to others as it is to me.

Body: I want to continue to learn how best to take better care of my body. I want to find the courage to develop a more attractive body without being afraid that the external beauty will attract men who will desire my body and not my soul.

Spirit: I want to continue to trust in the belief that my spirit is the essence of my self – my personality, my sexuality, my talents, my potential, and my joy. I want to continue to develop trust that my spirit is my safety and my security

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