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How To Find Your Authentic Self: Free Relaxation Script

How To Find Your Authentic Self: Free Relaxation Script
Source: Power Brain Formula

This imagery script guide will help you to discover your values and connect with your true self. Apply this relaxation technique to be with your real self, achieve your full potential, and live your life according to your authentic identity.

First, make yourself comfortable. You can lie or sit down. Close your eyes, or concentrate on a particular spot in the room.

Relax your body, starting from your feet. Let a relaxing feeling fill your feet…feeling loose, heavy and relaxed. Relax your ankles, to your lower legs and knees.

Let the relaxation continues, relaxing your upper legs. Allow your leg muscles to let go…feeling more relaxed.

Relax your pelvis and hips, and all surrounding muscles. Feel your lower back and stomach relaxing.

Feel your chest, back and sides relaxing.

Let your hands relax going to your fingertip, and wrists. Feel your lower arms relaxing. Relax your elbows and upper arms.

Relax your shoulders. Feel them lowering slightly…going to a comfortable position…free from tension…

Let your neck muscles relax and your face and head.

Feel your whole body relaxing…getting totally relaxed and comfortable.

Now focus your attention inward…getting deeper inside…to find your true self.

Start reflecting your values. What's the most important to you in life? What do you value the most? Where does your sense of wrong and right come from? Use the next moments to think about your values.


The values you're thinking of make up who you are. If you're true to your values, the core beliefs will make your behavior.

Think of how your values can be part of your daily life.


What else makes who you are? Finding your true self involves understanding who you really are.

Imagine you're the person you believe right now. Visualize yourself doing the usual activities you do in a normal day. Picture you're observing yourself doing them.

Visualize this person…you…standing in an empty room. Observe that person…imagine you can remove the things that blocks you from your full potential. Visualize self-doubt dissolving…getting replaced by self-assurance and confidence. Imagine this person, and visualize the things preventing you to succeed.

Picture these problems disappearing.

Now picture this person. What's left? Who's this person now once all those barriers disappear?

That person is you. Visualize who you are at the core…the true character that is left when there's nothing blocking your way for complete self-expression.

Now what motivates you? What makes your behavior? What drives you to act?

Think about your personality traits when the barriers and fears are gone. With your full potential, no fears, what traits do you have?

Are you:

Extroverted or introverted?
Talkative or quite?
What kind of things do you appreciate?
What do you admire?
What makes you feel happy?
What do you like to do?
Think of all the characteristics of that person when the barriers and fears are gone.


Now visualize yourself as a child, in a happy moment. Look at the potential of this child. Who's this young person? What makes that child who he or she really is?


What characteristics you have in common with this child? What differences you have? Think about how you've grown up when you were a child.


Now visualize yourself as a child.

What did you want when you grew up? What did you dreamed of?

These dreams you had before are related to your true self. What do your aspirations say about you? What characteristics are related to your childhood dreams?

Analyze your childhood dreams and uncover what they say about you.


Now imagine your ideal self.

How would this person behave? What does it value? What motivates that person? What characteristics are present with your ideal self? Imagine the things you want to be.


This image of you in your mind is your true self. This is who you are.

Now let yourself embrace this image and completely become this person.

Take that authentic self with you. Let your characteristics, values and motivations shine everyday in your life…to guide your behavior…to make up who you are.

You're this person…a positive, confident person. A person you desire and appreciate. Underneath all challenges in life, this is who you are and will always be.


Now it's time to reawaken.

Keep that image of your true self with you, everyday in your life. Express this authentic self.

Wiggle your fingers, wake up your hands and arms…
Move your toes to wake up your feet and legs…
Feel your muscles reawakening…having your entire body filled with energy.

Open your eyes and sit peacefully…

When you're totally awake and alert, you may do your usual activities, feeling energetic, calm and confident, in touch with your true self.

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