Monday, December 5, 2011

Download this hot persuasion report (Free Gift).

Getting people to say YES to your ideas and
suggestions is the key to wealth, success
and peace of mind.

But most people don't have a clue how to do
it without becoming pushy jerks.

However, world renowned hypnotist Igor Ledochowski
has revealed an easy to use yet powerful system
of persuasion that makes your ideas irresistible
to others - without resorting to brute force
or cliched manipulation techniques.

And he lifts the lid on this powerful system in
this COMPLIMENTARY 41-page report and audio
program that you can download here...

Inside this compelling, candid report, leading
authority on covert hypnosis Igor Ledochowski

* How to ethically "hijack" naturally occurring
trances and insert your own thoughts and ideas
(It becomes easy to slip your ideas in under
the radar... without taking advantage of anyone)...

* The biggest schoolboy mistake people make when
trying to persuade with hypnosis (and how to
avoid it)...

* Why this is the EASIEST form of hypnosis to
learn (Plus a "power word" you can use to
induce a trance in your next conversation)...

* The "Hypnotic Gaze" - It's real. How to use
it in your next conversation without setting
off alarms or looking like a freak (do this
right and the door to their mind swings
open to your suggestions)...

* The simple "zero effort" technique that
compels people to offer you a better deal
in any negotiation (combine this with the
hypnotic gaze for stunning results)...

* When "losing control" of your (conscious)
mind can save your life...

* Why being "right" can backfire when trying
to win someone to your side - and what to do

* Bring the "heat" back to intimate
relationships with covert language patterns...

* Random acts of kindness - how a single
"hypnotic chat" can turn someone's life around
(this simple skill becomes an amazing force
for good in the right hands)...

* How a few weird NLP practitioners are making
fools of themselves - and what it really takes
to hypnotize and persuade people without
getting caught...

* Why it's easier to put smart people into a

* Using "hypnotic layers" in your conversation
to build personal magnetism and authority
(People are easier to persuade when they
respect and admire you. Conversational hypnosis
gives you that power)...

* Why Old School hypnosis is useless in daily
conversation (INSTEAD: Try the one form of
hypnosis that works in any situation, allowing
you to take control of your life, finances,
relationships and success)...

* Six hypnosis myths "busted" once and for all.
You'll never fear hypnosis or putting someone
into a trance again...

As I said, you can get this COMPLIMENTARY
41-page hot report and audio program by heading
over to this download page:

I don't know how much longer Igor will be
giving away this information so I recommend
you get it now while it's still available.

All the best of success to you.

Kindest Regards,
Michael Lee
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