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Mind-to-Mind Connection: How to Influence People With Your Mind

*Mind-to-Mind Connection: How to Influence People With Your Mind*

*By Jim Francis
Source**: Real Mind Power Secrets*

It has long been suspected that your right cerebral hemisphere, when in the alpha state, operates in a realm where time and space are of no consequence.
What you think affects others... and what others think affects you!

It is rather like the invisible connection between the earth's magnetic field and every magnetic compass on earth. They are interconnected. If the earth's magnetic field were to suddenly shift then every compass in existence would swing in unison.

Likewise, if you suddenly move a magnetic compass, or any magnet for that matter, this movement will have a slight effect on the earth's entire
magnetic field. Admittedly this would be so small as to be immeasurable but
it would still be there.

Similarly, when you have a thought it "twitches" the entire human
consciousness "thought field".

Rupert Sheldrake calls this the Morphogenetic Field. Karl Jung called it
Collective Unconsciousness.

Jose Silva found a practical method of evoking and controlling this marvelous human ability at will.

The technique, which is amazingly simple, has been developed over the years but to this day more than 99% of the population are unaware of it.

In the United States it is used extensively in business to "sway" the outcome of a business proposition in favor of the person using Subjective Communication.

In personal life it has been used to resurrect a dying marriage, to name but
one of its many applications.

And one of the most extraordinary applications is to use it to make people
aware of your advertisement in the Yellow Pages!

Its effectiveness appears to vary between 20% and 500%. That is the results
can be up to 500% better than they would have been without it.

If you consider two identical competitive businesses both vying for superior
market share then the one that learns to use Subjective Communication will
forge ahead. This has been tested and thoroughly proven.

Car dealers in the US who use this direct mental contact technique have
reported a sharp improvement in sales. The usual comment is it brings
customers out of the woodwork and actually closes more deals. US real estate
agents use it also - it makes a vast difference in their commissions when
used properly.

And it is a strange thing that most people are using it continually without being aware of it. Unfortunately they are also conveying mentally their fears and apprehensions. So it can work against them.

But used properly and with the correct protocol it can (and does) produce
quite astounding results. Sometimes the results leave the practitioner
somewhat startled. They almost seem too good to be true! Some beginners have
had such amazing success that the result has literally left them "awe-struck!

If you decide to apply this magical mental technique to other areas of your life ...then things suddenly become much more interesting. You seem to be able to achieve anything you set out to and for some "strange" reason; even total strangers fall over backwards trying to help you.

Welcome to the world of direct mental influence... Subjective Communication!
In reality Subjective Communication is extremely easy and you do not have to
have any experience whatsoever in alpha techniques, but it will help if you do. However there are simple ways to overcome this so that even a rank
beginner can use Subjective Communication successfully on their first try!

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