Thursday, May 5, 2011

The key to attracting prospects in the new economy

No matter what industry you're in, let's face it.this economy has
changed. We're in a new economy now, and the old ways of attracting
clients just don't cut it anymore.

The key is to transform your business and turn the bad news into good news for you. That's what Ford Motor Company did.

They looked at the market and the direction oil prices were headed, and
made some significant changes.

The result?
Ford recently reported their biggest profits in over a decade of 2.5 billion dollars, outselling even General Motors. Not bad at all for an economic crisis.

How did Ford do it?
The old Ford rarely made a profit, but they got smart and came up with a new formula for success.

They ramped up their production of small cars, ones that get the most
mileage per gallon. And they loaded them with amenities to turn huge

So how can you benefit from the changing economy?

1. Adapt To Prosper

To succeed in this market you need to adapt to the new reality of what
works to get your prospects' attention, to get their interest and to get them to buy from you.

2. The Big Profits Go To Those With A System

Everybody knows that you can't just take the parts for a car - the frame, engine, tires, seats, electronics, etc - and dump them on the factory floor and expect anyone to build a car. Every car manufacturer, from Henry Ford on, uses a step-by-step system that enables them to produce thousands of cars a day.

3. It's Action That Results In Profits

If you want to get an edge and be one of the top five most successful
businesses in your niche, you need to take action.

To your success,

Brian Tracy

Edited by: Lawyer Asad