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The Dark History of Government Mind Control Experiments

The Dark History of Government Mind Control Experiments
By ABH Alexander/Source: Associated Content

The end of the cold war brought about an increased opportunity for bizarre experiments on unwitting civilian victims. Both sides wanted to find a way to control the other. Eventually the information on what kinds of efforts were made would be purged from the dark files of several governments. The U.S. and the old USSR had been secretly engaging in a variety of technical, biological and mind control experiments.

A November 1992 Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article mentioned such a mind control operation performed jointly between the U.S and Canada beginning in 1955. Financed by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) through a phony front organization called "The Investigation of Human Ecology," about $60-75,000 went to Dr. Ewen Cameron at McGill University in Montreal. Canada allegedly picked up the rest of the tab, about $200,000. Even though this is 1950's dollars considering the nature of covert funding there is no real way to know exactly how much was spent on this project.

Dr. Cameron was well respected in his field and headed the American Psychiatric Association between 1957-61. The good doctor believed he could change peoples' thoughts and coined the term "psychic driving" to describe how to do it.

The emphasis on this experiment was probably one stage of several as it focused on completely wiping out a persons memory. The next stage would likely be in reprogramming it, building it up with multiple personalities which could be triggered to perform a desired function like assassinations, sex, relaying messages, piloting an aircraft etc.

Over the past fifteen years several women who did not know each other came out with a similar story of how they and many other children between the ages of 5-8 were flown to a location, tortured and forced to learn many new behaviors. The books Tranceformation of America and Secret Weapons stand in testimony to powerful people who so far are above the law. The authors of these books Cathy O'Brien, Cheryl and Lynn Hersha, along with Brice Taylor all corroborate similar incredible experiences with what was called Project Monarch. These amazing tales will be explored in future columns.

The CIA would also benefit from this Dr. Cameron's primitive experiment with the ability to brainwashing better, coerce interrogation procedures and improved mind control methodology.

Cameron died in 1977, but the effect of his work lingered. A lengthy lawsuit would eventually be filed by eight of the possible 80 unwitting volunteers. In an out-of-court settlement the victims divided up $907,500 in late 1992.

One of the eight - Linda McDonald (in 2006-68) says she felt healthy before seeing Cameron and being diagnosed as an acute schizophrenic. She spent 86 days in a sleep room being subjected to drugs (LSD), shock therapy and more. While this might remind some of the movie Clockwork Orange, the reality was even grimmer. In the end she couldn't read, write, had to be toilet trained, couldn't remember her husband, children or the first 26 years of her life! McDonald has made a considerable recovery since then.

A CIA spokesman, John Hedley is quoted in the WSJ article, "It's a sad episode that happened more than 30 years ago and the case is closed."

While Hedley made no mention of existing programs since then, Victor Marchetti (a 14-year CIA veteran) had something to say. Marchetti is author of The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence and in 1977 interviewed another writer on the mind control subject, John Marks, the author of The Manchurian Candidate. Marks commented, "the mind control research continues and the CIA claims to the contrary are a cover story."

Behind the veil of misinformation there is evidence of Project MKULTRA, which secretly examined psychological conditioning with drugs, sensory deprivation, microwaves and implants in the brain or intracerebral devices.

A 1950's neuroscientist, Jose Delgado demonstrated the value of these implants, what he called stimoceivers. Delgado planted one in the brain of a full-grown bull and by simply pushing a button he could stop that raging charge.

Later improvements gave another option. Dr. W. Ross Adey at the University of Southern California found out behavior and emotional states can be altered without implants. Adey and others would find by putting the subject in an electromagnetic field, directing the right frequency at the subject and shaping it with amplitude modulation into a particular wave the desire behavior could be produced.

Both the RAND Corporation in 1970 and a well-known microwave scientist Allen Frey found one could trigger docility, fatigue, irritability, memory loss and hallucinations with the right frequencies.

Exploring the positive potential of the mind is admirable; but distorting this into a weapon of ultimate control, while tragic is well within the bounds of credibility considering the lack of accountability and secrecy with many of the personnel in agencies like the CIA, NSA, NRO, DARPA etc.

Think of it, the ability to create discontent or calm in a city or several cities by projecting a particular frequency. This could be done to an enemy country or as ploy to anger our own citizens to support violence. Larry Abraham, co-author of None Dare Call it Conspiracy, believes that there will be an increase in random mass shooting sin the next few months making the cry for gun control and gun confiscation a greater possibility.

Abraham published a newsletter called The Insider and feels that than President Clinton's desire to establish a new elite police force is tied directly to disarming the citizenry of the U.S.

How to influence enough of the masses to get them to believe, buy or become part of whatever agenda is desired by those wielding power is nothing new.

So next time someone tells you they are hearing voices and they feel it is either God or the Devil telling them to commit some ruthless act, the origin of such communication could be much closer to home.

Future investigations on this topic will involve how it is part of the UFO enigma, random killings and bizarre behavior by previously peaceful people. This has been the subject of numerous fictional representations only because the authors have researched some of the disconcerting facts.

To date, it is believed you the general public will not believe any such stories. To date most of you have not been informed. There are two kinds of opinions; informed and uninformed, don't hesitate to step away from being part of the herd and get informed. You've just made an excellent choice by reading this article.

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