Sunday, February 27, 2011

Videos on Persuasion, Law of Attraction and more!

Hi Asad,

Hope you're doing great. Just want to let you know that I've created a new video section containing
my own videos on persuasion and self-improvement.

Check it out here:

Then I'd like to share with you 2 videos that reveal some unique and powerful ways to make the law of
attraction work for you.

See the videos here:

To view hundreds of other motivational and self-help
videos, go to:

I've also posted new articles at our Self-Help Library.
They include info on covert persuasion, impulsive buying behavior and decision making.

You may read them at:

To access hundreds of past self-help articles, go to:

Hope you get something useful out of them.

Best Regards,
Michael Lee

P.S. If you think others will enjoy or benefit from these videos, articles or tips, please forward this link to them. Many thanks, Asad.

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