Thursday, February 24, 2011

This guy's secret is more astounding than "The Secret."

Manifestation expert Dr. Anthony did something that some people would call shocking.

He was invited to be in "The Secret," but flat-out refused!

That's right, he turned down the rare chance to be included in one of the most sensational self-improvement films in history.

In fact, Dr. Anthony was the first person that Rhonda Byrnes (creator of "The Secret") approached for the project.

She personally emailed him and said he was her first choice. (She also acknowledges him in the introduction of the book version.)

Dr. Anthony said "No" because he honestly felt "The Secret" (and most law of attraction programs) was missing a serious piece of the

If you have listened to other "manifestation experts," you may have been misled to believe
that all you have to do to "manifest your dreams" is:

1) Set your intention.

2) Send out positive thoughts.

3) Believe the Universe will magically provide it for you.

4) Repeat this process until the manifestation has happened.

Dr. Anthony says if you do this, you will be very disappointed.

This is where books and programs like "The Secret" are insufficient.

While it is important to set your intention, think positively and have a strong belief, it only represents a fraction of what you must do
to deliberately create the things you desire.

Dr. Anthony knew that something REALLY WAS missing from the typical "law of attraction"
teaching... that he was inspired to create his rapid manifestation program:

I've been through the program, and here's why I think it really delivers...

It's one of the most thorough, comprehensive programs on the law of attraction I have seen
(and I've seen a lot).

You'll discover things such as:

- The 15-second secret method to instantly feel great... even if you're currently feeling sad, fearful, worried or upset.

- The "Ultimate Secret" to creating your life by design.

- How to remove self-sabotage and mental blocks.

- How to unleash your "Creative Magic Energy" to attain all your heart's desires.

- How to know what you TRULY desire in life.

- The best time to take the right action.
(Taking the wrong action at the wrong time can produce disastrous results.)

- How to know if you're moving toward or away from what you want.

- And More!

And the best part is that Dr. Anthony is giving you a HUGE 70% discount because you are one of my valued subscribers.

Read about it here:

I'm telling you, you have to check this out...

Dr. Anthony's program is grounded and taught in such a clear way, that you will see why his method is regarded as vital for massive
success by the top achievers in ANY field.

So if you're struggling to make the law of attraction work for you, or if you sense you may be missing something to make it work, I HIGHLY recommend you take a good
look at Dr. Anthony's program at:

To Your Success,
Michael Lee

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