Monday, February 21, 2011

Seven Disciplines for High Performance

Seven Disciplines for High Performance

There are seven disciplines you must develop if you want to achieve all
that is possible for you. You can learn these disciplines through
practice and repetition until they become automatic.

Goal Setting
Every morning, take three to five minutes to write out your top goals in the present tense. Get a spiral notebook for this purpose. By writing
out your ten goals at the beginning of each day, you will program them
deep into your subconscious mind.

This daily goal writing will activate your mental powers. It will
stimulate your mind and make you more alert. Throughout the day, you
will see opportunities and possibilities to move more rapidly toward your goals.

Planning and Organizing
Take a few minutes, preferably the night before, to plan out every
activity of the coming day. Always work from a list. Always think on
paper. This is one of the most powerful and important disciplines of all for high performance.

Priority Setting
The essence of all time management, personal management, and life management is contained in your ability to set the proper priorities on the use of your time. This is essential for high performance.

Concentration on your Highest-Value Activities
Your ability to work single-mindedly on your most important task will
contribute as much to your success as any other discipline you can

Exercise and Proper Nutrition
Your health is more important than anything else. By disciplining
yourself to exercise regularly and to eat carefully, you will promote
the highest possible levels of health and fitness throughout your life.

Learning and Growth
Your mind is like a muscle. If you don't use it, you lose it. Continuous
learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.

Time for Important People in your Life
Relationships are everything. Be sure that in climbing the ladder of
success, you do not find it leaning against the wrong building. Build
time for your relationships into every day, no matter how busy you get.

Action Exercise
These seven disciplines will ensure that you perform at the highest
level and get the greatest satisfaction and results from everything you do. Study these seven disciplines and then make a plan for how you can
incorporate each of them into your daily life.

Edited by: Lawyer Asad

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