Saturday, February 12, 2011

Magic Of The First Kiss

Magic of the First Kiss !!!

By Lawyer Asad

Kissing is much more than purely touching lips. The experience actually
involves three main senses: touch, taste, and smell. When your partner's mouth touches yours, you want to taste delicious, smell delightful and touch gracefully. A great kiss should pause slightly just before the lips connect, let the other person kiss back, and have the kissers complete and undivided
attention. In addition, keep the following in mind:
Lips should be soft, moist, warm and slightly parted.
The kiss should be firm, but tender.
Proper timing is important - spontaneous, but welcomed.
A kiss should be backed up by genuine feelings of intimacy.

Make Sure you are

One of the most important points to be kept in mind in order to make your first kiss memorable is to be all alone. You wouldn't want to lose
concentration because of too many people around and make a mess out of it.

Have a Good Breath

It is very important that you have a good breath. Not only does it make you feel good, it will make your partner realize that you care about these little things that count a lot in making a moment special. In case you can't floss, make sure you carry some mint with you always.

Don't Ask:

Never ask when you want to kiss. The feeling should come simultaneously to both of you. Else it will look more like obliging or forcing. The essence of your first kiss will be lost and you wouldn't be able to enjoy it fully.


It is very important to relax and take it easy. The moment should seem like it is in slow motion to make it last. The worse thing you can do is moving too fast and make the whole thing seem too rushed. It is the biggest turn off for a woman. So just relax and take it easy and slow.

The Right Moment:

Make sure the right moment arrives before you proceed to kiss the other
person. Too soon, and it will look as though you are desperate. Too late,
and the moment flies away. So be ready and enjoy when the time

Keep Your Eyes Closed:

To feel the magic of your first kiss take over, just close your eyes and
feel the moment instead of staring at it. It not only adds the magic to your experience, but also makes you feel less weird.

The Right Place:

The place where you have your first kiss also counts a lot. The place
shouldn't be cluttered and should be appealing to the eyes. It should have a touch of sensuality along with

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