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Boost Your Intelligence...Immediately!

Boost Your Intelligence...Immediately!

By Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler
Creator of Become All You Can Be

We each have a unique set of talents ... many of which often go undiscovered. But once you suddenly REALIZE you have a special talent -- THEN that talent has the immediate potential to blossom and grow!

Make sense?

For example: If you have a hidden talent for inventing, but never tried to invent, would you ever boost your inventing skill?

Of course not!

But if you make a commitment to invent something, your potential suddenly shifts.

Your Potential for Genius
So here's a wake up call about something you may have overlooked about yourself: Your brain contains the seeds of genius. You have personal potentials so far beyond what you're are achieving today, it's virtually staggering!

Yes. I am talking about YOUR amazing brain … and YOUR amazing yet-untapped potential!

Once you contemplate the following facts, your brainpower WILL be permanently altered. The new neural tracts that will be build while absorbing the implications of this knowledge WILL change your physical brain -- forever.

I can compare this to my personal experience walking on fire for the first time. You are NEVER again the same.

So take a few minutes and immerse yourself in the implications of what follows. You are about to change your mind forever about who you are,
and your natural potential for genius.

1. Your brain has an unlimited potential to learn.

It absorbs an estimated 7 to 10 new pieces of information every second
-– and can continue to do so for the rest of your life, yet still have
plenty of room left to learn more. And each time you have a new
experience or learn something, your brain physically grows new inter-neural (brain cell) connections. Your brain is actually so growth-friendly, that this now has a new scientific term -– "brain plasticity."

2. Your cortex is wrinkled for a reason.

Ever wonder why our grey matter is a mass of "wrinkles?" It's nature's
answer to housing huge capacity. You have billions and billions of
brain cells packed into your 3-pound brain. If all of your brain cells were
laid out end-to-end, they would stretch at least 800,000 kilometers
(496,000 miles). This is roughly the distance to the moon and back.

3. Your brain is not limited to your skull.

Your intelligence is actually distributed throughout the cells of your body. The body-mind barrier does NOT exist. We are thinking beings on every level. There is even a current scientific theory that our brain is holographic -– and is duplicated right down to a sub-molecular level.
You (all of you) is intelligence in action!

4. You actually have TWO centralized brains.

You have more brain cells in your second brain than you do in the
portion encased in your skull. Where is that second brain? In your gut. And
those two brains are connected by a huge nerve (the Vagus nerve) that
carries messages back and forth between those two brains.

5. YOUR brain is as unique as your fingerprint.

Of the six billion people currently living, and the ninety billion
people who have ever walked the Earth, there has never been a brain quite like yours. YOU are truly unprecedented and totally unique. You are!
Think about that!

6. Your brain is capable of unlimited thought patterns.

Back in 1968 a student of the great scientist Pavlov shocked the
scientific community when his research proved the smallest number of potential thought patterns an average brain can create is the number 1 --
followed by 10.5 million kilometers of typewritten zeros.

7. Intelligence has very little to do with your IQ score.

Neuroscientists and neuropsychologists now know that IQ tests only measure very limited "rational and logical" thinking skills. Such skills are in many ways the most limited portion of your intelligence. We now
know that there is also your emotional intelligence (EQ), and your
all-important higher intelligence (HQ). And many researchers now identify as many as 25 sub-intelligences.

8. You can learn to think like Einstein.

Recent research clearly demonstrated that the basic thing that set Einstein's brain apart was the number of connections between his neurons.
This is not a birth condition. Such a densely packed brain is actually
created by challenging yourself mentally!

9. You are NOT born smart or dumb.

Your intelligence is NOT fixed at birth. A recent in-depth review of
more than 200 scientific studies of IQ performed by Bernard Devlin
(published in the Nature journal) established that your genes account for only about 48 percent of your IQ. The remaining 52% percent is a function of your prenatal care, environment, and education. And, it should be added, this includes education at any age!

10. Your intelligence can be raised through appropriate training.

Although your early upbringing and genetic background may predispose you to have certain natural talents -- many researchers have shown that
intelligence scores can be raised significantly through appropriate training.

11. This knowledge has already changed your brain.

Now here's a real surprise for you! Just reading this information
created immediate synaptic changes in your brain. Now if you actually spend a little time contemplating what this information means to you, you
will then immediately strengthen those new neural connections. And the stronger they get, the more easily they will override any old limiting thoughts you may have about your own mental potential!

Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler is a renowned brain/mind researcher, and was one of the first in the world to introduce brainwave training to the corporate world. She is the author of ten books, a novel, and hundreds of published articles. Dr. Ammon-Wexler's latest creation is the "Become All You Can Be" success training program.

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