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Love in Animal World: More Amazing Than Humans!

Love in Animal World: More Amazing Than Humans!

Did you know animals love?
Is it practiced? And how to do it?!

By Isis Ezat

Are there any assets and traditions of the sermon and marriage in the animal world?! And how is the engagement and marriage ceremonies?

- Do you know the animal art ..
Music .. Visual arts? .. Do you produced? .. Do you tasted and enjoyed?

Not any mention of love any
female, and that not every female loves any mention; When Wonder said the female specific and loved begins to induce and Astattafha weaving virtuous and chaste,
Vergs her dances views or plays her music babe, or send them through the air with perfume Alfoahp and odors attractive , or Ibehrha bright lights, or decorated with them and make himself look good, or review the strength and muscles in front, and eventually the female may respond or not respond .. The opposite will happen marveled
female remembrance of what .. The start is tempting.

In the animal world may occur love at first sight .. Stated Musca domestica respond to the female of the same kind as soon see them; Vaitir them on after a long
distance; to stand on her back.

If the amount of the female crabs to pass in the breeding season in front of Male of the same kind he threw himself in front, standing on the edge of his feet and raise the claw's huge with bright colors to the top of solid and review, if not Taara female any interest in it are to where you can see, standing once again stand by itself and stopped by, if you depart for a considerable distance back to his hole, it desperately, and felt it did not accept spun.

And wearing Male sunfish Lepomis
Humilis suit with bright colors for the female partner in the mating season, and appear in the body drops an orange light and arranged together wonderfully.

Now, can dream of flying -
actually flying and not a metaphor - you and your bride pairs with other

This wonderful evening managed to
achieve some kind of insect called dance flies .. It flies in groups dancing in the trees and water .. And called zoologists this wedding Nuptial flight because after the end of this ceremony down male and
female to the ground to mate, and when the ants fly another is called Air Marriage Maiage flight Vaitir ants in the night, and when it reaches the Earth loses its wings, and walk around on the ground; even meet with the queen, who
are also have lost their wings, and
may be this interview inside or outside the nest.

The meeting doubles in wedlock
does not happen suddenly, as some think. There are paving the Grammy for this meeting as it happens between male and female Drosophila flies. Shakes his or her male wings and Iagaflha and open them quickly, or make it in the form of scissors, and then approaching from the rear of the female, and takes spin around and play the role
very negative, if it accepts the male as a husband; it stands reposeful him in the same place, and the uniqueness of his wings as a welcome tags, but if you were not
accepted; they turn away with him, and proceed to a remote location, and mentioned here that knows, and makes sure they do not want, and that all that was too illusions and dreams.

Male elephant flirting and female
partner is also a hilarious yarn, and embrace Bakherthomin as if they were lovers Mtimin.

The marital troubles of life Viarafha the animal world are also some couples. Such as beetles, for example, may reflectors a male wife others, and wanting to hijack, and happens to be a wife chaste; rejects adverse he is and resisted all efforts; until he came to her husband, shall be paid by the opposite that the male offender, not only is to leave her husband's fight but to help him in it, may be wife beetle playful; Vtostagib to temptations and flirting male strangers, and go with lover opposite, and abandon her husband; Vtdb fire of jealousy in the husband deceived, and the burning
anger of those infidelity despicable, Faisr to take revenge and kill his enemy, and spin so fierce battles between males .. In cases where the husband Knevs his mistress, his wife and Khan original, this wife commit suicide and die with anguish.

Have benefited from human
courting the insects to each other .. Stated insect bug water giant. Giant - water - bug produces a scented liquid and smell as exciting as cinnamon to completely accept female it more; where secreted by the male of the glands in the form of cylindrical tubes Biazavitin the length of one of them four inches,
and reaches a thickness of about three millimeters. And admired the people of Southeast Asia such that a potential revival of cinnamon Vijmonha insects and use them as a spice or spices for fatty foods.

Arts when the animals

Scientists say the animal: the dance when the animal sexual behavior characteristic. Parents stated a strict female partner is attracted to more and increasingly entranced by them if all goes in front of a dancer shaking dance "Aljerk", but if walked quietly in front of him and in a normal fashion, it does not care about them.

In Japan, the type of mice known as "Mouse dancing the waltz", which is always going in circles Mtbchtera in a special way in the very precision and tenderness and sedition.

At the heart of the Red Sea Ghanaian animals, dancing and her body completely naked, and it seems her body in the water crimson red, and features her dancing lightly in the water and the activity of adults, call the fishermen in the Red Sea (beautiful) The scientific name is Hecsabranks Hexabranchus.

On the dance floor going conflict between insects dancer in any dance party where there are male and female, in dance Smoke Smoke-dance when some types of flies
gathering of males in a large crowd when he comes to the evening, when the entry of any female in the arena of dance fascinates the male alternative conflict between them even one of them wins out.

For the musician an important
place in the animal world .. And members of the specialized
version of musical sounds in insects generally called members Sarif Stridulating. In insects music is very rich singing individually or sing in chorus, and knocks on the ears cast lots and is warmly self gleeful says the poet Elizabeth Das or Cicada: "The voice of the cicada shy ringing in the ears. And be in noon sharp to the point that it is often Ihellb Our thoughts and feelings and pulls us to hear them sing."

In one of the scientific experiments of Htt FEMALE Abart musical conformity towards the handset, which emit musical sounds by the said isolated at a remote location
which is sing to the appeal of the female.

Lights and a strong relationship
with love in the animal world .. When you meet a male and female
insect Alvanuns "Volgeor Alentrnaraya Fulgora Lanjesnasia Tdhaouan the heads and the lights remain glowing until they meet with each other and conduct Islka

In season, spinning and swimming intercourse female worm Bermuda firearms in the rings above the surface of the sea, glittering lights and you see male gasses continue to come from the depth of the sea .. In
animal Aliiovosea can each sex to determine the sex, the other from a distance of 30 meters; and that the work of the light signals mutually agreed between male and female, and lighting may have purposes other than spinning, such as luring prey to catch them and feeding them or for self-defense.

Wondrous world of the animal
world .. Drop in the wavy sea of what we have in this article. But can you assure us that we are not the very best of the animals as we think. And assure us that the animal aspect of the "more humane" than we think .. The Glory of nations that makes them like us, and He over all things.

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