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Simon H. with his technique of talking to girls!

"Phrasing To Get Women To OBEY Your Every Word"

Question By Ron, Fairfield, CT

"Hey Simon, the Mack Tactics program really is amazing, thanks
for cutting through the bullshit and showing guys how to get
women INTO them without having to spend lots of money, jump
through hoops, and act like pussies...I wish I knew this stuff
before, I would have saved so much time and aggravation!!

So here's my question. In your book, you talk about how guys
should mention the OTHER WOMEN they know, in order to let
girls know that you've got a social life and have other options.

Well, I met up with a girl last night for drinks, and I used the tactic you described, and I think it might have offended her. (Her name is Christine.)

I mentioned to Christine how I'd been hanging out with a hot
girl lately, but I wasn't interesting in dating her, yada yada. (Letting Christine know I knew other chicks, but I was still single.)

But then Christine made a comment to me, like, "Oh, I can see you're just a player"...

What's the deal with this? How do you use this Tactic without girls accusing you of being a player?"

Simon's Comments:

So much of our success and failure with women comes down to

How do you phrase it, when you ask a girl for her phone number?

What type of phrasing do you use, when you invite a girl back
to your place to hang out?

What are the EXACT words that you use, when a girl wants to
know if you are "seeing anyone else right now?"

Think about it...I bet you've been using the same old, nervous-sounding lines. And it's not working for you!

As a Mack, you've got to start paying close attention to how you use language.

Language is incredibly powerful:

It can sway people and completely change their thinking.

If you were on trial for a serious crime, and you had to choose
a lawyer to represent you, you would want the lawyer who knew
how to TALK and INFLUENCE the jury.

The best lawyers aren't the ones who got straight-A grades in
law school and can recite every legal statute.

They are the lawyers who know how to use language & phrasing
to MESMERIZE and CONVINCE the jury.

And if their client is guilty as hell...they'll use their skills to DEFLECT attention away from their client's vulnerabilities, and show off his good side.

(Ask O.J. Simpson -- he'll tell you!)

Now, let me get back to your question.

Yes, I absolutely encourage you to mention the other females
in your life when you are talking to a girl you are macking on.

It is very important for her to know that you have a busy, active social life, and your world does NOT revolve around her.

You want her to know, if she ever blows you off, it's HER loss -- because you have plenty of cool chicks & friends to spend your time with.

But the key is to phrase it the right way. Here is an example of the Wack way, and then the Wack way:

WACK: "Yeah, so I took this cute girl on a date the other night, it went pretty well. She's cool. But I'm not sure if she's the right one for me."

(This sets of RED FLAGS in the mind of the girl you are talking to. She's thinking you are a player.)

MACK: "I've got to go shopping tomorrow to pick up a birthday
gift for my friend Melissa, I need to go to her birthday party on Friday. Do you have any suggestions? Is it a bad idea to try to pick out clothes for a woman, or maybe some really nice
perfume is a better idea? What do you think?"

Dude, that Mack answer is effective on so many levels.

GREAT phrasing!

1 - You have a female friend named Melissa, so obviously you're a popular guy with other women.

2 - You're invited to a party on Friday night. You've got cool
stuff going on BESIDES the girl you are currently macking on.

3 - You're a generous guy. You're willing to buy some "really nice perfume" for a woman you are friends with.

Now, if the girl you're talking to CHALLENGES you...if she implies that you must be a "player"... that is a GOOD THING!

If you are triggering her jealous, competitive female instincts, congradulations! This means that she is INTO you and now she wants to COMPETE for you.

So, let's say she says, "Oh, Melissa, huh? Is that one of your girlfriends?"

You FLIP IT on her. You use her challenge to score MORE points!

You DON'T over-react and look for "forgiveness." You don't
apologize and say, "Oh, no, I've never laid a finger on Melissa...we're only friends, really..."

You say, very calm and casual, "Melissa's been a good friend
of mine for a while. She's always been there for me, and I really value loyalty. I don't allow a lot of people into my inner circle, but Melissa earned her place in my circle, so I want to show my appreciation with a nice gift. So anyway, what do
you think -- is some nice perfume the way to go?"

With this answer, you are scoring MORE points because you are
talking about how important "loyalty" is to you.

What woman doesn't want a loyal guy?

This is just one example of how to use phrasing to your advantage. Definitely mention your other female friends -- but don't talk about your ex-girlfriends.

Mention the other women in your life right now that you hang
out and enjoy friendships with.

Remember, if you trigger her jealous, competitive female
instincts -- it means you are doing it right!!

You want her to feel she has to EARN your time and appreciation
-- because you are a MACK with other options.

BUT, phrasing it always crucial.

And the M.A.C.K. Tactics Persuasion & Conversation Mastery program is packed with strategies that are based on using language & communication skills to CONQUER every situation you're in with a woman.

No kidding, this stuff has taken me YEARS to learn, test, refine,
and explain clearly. If you want the best material available for
PERSUASION with women, THIS is it:

Grab it here, right now, and you'll get a BUNCH of awesome
free bonus products that will have your buddies wondering HOW
you are talking and SCORING with hot women so easily & effortlessly :)

Talk to you soon.

Your Friend,

Simon H

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