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Money is Your Reward for Serving Others

Money is Your Reward for Serving Others

By Bob Proctor / Source: The Science of Getting Rich

There is a very real possibility that everything you and I have been
taught about how to earn money is so far from the truth that it's
almost comical.

Earning money has nothing to do with age, formal education, gender or geography. It has nothing to do with past experience or your formal
years of education or your level of intellect.

There are individuals who are functionally illiterate who have become multimillionaires, while there are others who are absolutely brilliant and they are broke. Virtually anyone can be taught how to earn
millions of dollars and yet the sad truth is that 97 out of every 100
people are born, live their entire lives, and die without ever
learning how to earn money. To perpetuate this ridiculous problem,
their ignorance is passed along from one generation to the next.

Our school system has been designed as an environment to enlighten young minds, to replace ignorance with understanding and ultimately improve the quality of life. And though our educational system has obviously been successful in many areas, it has woefully neglected one important subject, ''How to Earn Money.''

A lack of understanding in this area is the cause of numerous unwanted
and unnecessary problems, since money is the medium of exchange that is used worldwide for other people's products and services.

The Real Source of Wealth

There has always been a small, select group, approximately 3% of our population, who clearly understand that prosperity consciousness is the primary cause of wealth and their prosperity consciousness, like ignorance, is also passed down from one generation to the next.

Let's look at ''money.'' What is it?

Money is a reward you receive for the service you render. The more
valuable the service, the greater the reward. Thinking of ways we can
be of greater service will not only help us earn more money, it will
also enable us to grow intellectually and spiritually.

Money is an Idea

The paper you fold and place in your purse or pocket is not money. It
is paper with ink on it. It represents money, but it is not money.
Money is an idea. The earning of money has nothing to do with the
paper stuff, it has to do with consciousness.

To accumulate wealth, a person must become very comfortable with the idea of money. That may sound strange, however most people are not comfortable with the idea of money, which is why they do not have any.
The cause of poverty is poverty consciousness. A poverty consciousness will cause a person to see, hear, think and feel ... lack and

The late Mike Todd said, ''Being broke is a temporary situation. Being
poor is a mental state.''

He was correct. There are wealthy people who lose every cent they have through a series of mistakes in judgment, but that does not make them poor. They will have it all back in a short time because of their
prosperity consciousness.

Many years ago, George Bernard Shaw expressed his thoughts on money.
People have such strong views on both of these statements,
I purposely use them in my seminars to cause the attendees to think.

1. It is the duty of every person to be rich.
2. It is a sin to be poor.

Before you reject these as being ridiculous, let's analyze them. To
fully understand what Shaw was saying, you must have an open mind.
There is a law that states everything is moving, absolutely nothing
rests. You are either moving ahead in life or going in reverse ...
growing or dying ... creating or disintegrating, becoming richer or

The Most Important Universal Law for Becoming Wealthy

There is another law to which people often refer in many different
ways ... Karmic Law ... Sowing and Reaping ... Cause and Effect ...
Action, Re-Action. How you refer to this law is of little importance
relative to your understanding of how it works.

The thoughts, feelings, and actions that you express in life are seeds
that you sow. The conditions, circumstances and things that come into your life are the harvest you reap as a RESULT of the seeds that you sow. For a moment, store this information in the back of your mind
while we investigate the deeper understanding of the words SIN and

Sin is ... transgression of the law. Violating the law is a sin and,
in truth, the price of sin is death. That does not mean your heart
will stop beating, but it does mean you will regress. I previously
mentioned there is a law that states you will either create or
disintegrate, you will grow or die. When you attempt to ''get''
without giving, you are trying to reap the harvest without sowing the
seeds, and it will not work.

Now let's look at ''money.'' What is it? Money is a reward you receive
for the service you render; the more valuable the service, the greater
the reward. Attempting to ''get'' money without providing service is
also a violation of the law.

We Are Here to Serve Each Other

Shaw believed you and I are here to serve one another. Thinking of
ways we can be of greater service will enable us to grow intellectually and spiritually. It is our duty to serve and money is a reward we receive for that service. If a person has received their money in an unlawful manner - by law, they must pay the price; you reap what you sow.

In light of the laws that govern our universe, what Shaw said is
correct. However, if a person is not consciously thinking, Shaw's
statements would appear very callous, even ridiculous. Personally, I
believe Shaw made those statements the way he did, to provoke people to think.

Quite simply, what Shaw was emphasizing was the importance of our own responsibility in the quest for abundance. Abundance is something we magnetize ourselves to ... we draw it into our lives ... in every aspect our lives. Business associates, friends, everything we want will come into our life by law, not luck. You are either attracting or
repelling good. It is your own consciousness that ultimately
determines your results.

''Money is in consciousness and it must be earned.'' If you want to
improve your financial position in life, focus your attention on
creating a higher level of prosperity consciousness. Begin by
preparing a powerful, positive affirmation and fuel it with emotion.
When you do this, you are depositing this creative energy in the treasury of your subconscious mind. And, by repeating this process
over and over and over again every day, it will begin to alter your
conditioning and mentally move you in the direction you want to go.
Write it out, read it, feel it, and let it take hold of your mind.

How much money do you want? Saying you want more is not good enough.
Five dollars is more. How much more? Decide on a figure. Be specific.
You will not seriously want more money than you are capable of earning ... however, you would be wise to remember, you must earn it.

There are Three Income Earning Stategies

Trading time for money – By far the worst of the three income earning
strategies, it is employed by approximately 96% of our population – doctors, lawyers, accountants, laborers, etc. There is an inherent problem with this strategy – saturation. You run out of time. If a person accumulates any degree of wealth employing this strategy, it will be at the expense of a life. They compromise on the car they drive, the house they live in, the clothes they choose and the
vacations they take. They rarely, if ever, get what they want.
Investing money to earn money – This strategy is used by approximately
3% of the population. The number is small for the obvious reason –
very few people have any money to invest. Many people who effectively
employ this strategy follow the advice of a trusted, knowledgeable
Leveraging yourself to earn money – This is where you multiply your
time through the efforts of others by setting up Multiple Sources of
Income (MSIs). This is, without question, the very best way to
increase your income. Make a decision to have many sources of income; it's the strategy that wealthy people have used dating clear back to the ancient Babylonians. Unfortunately, this strategy is only used by
approximately 1% of our population, yet that 1% earns approximately
96% of all the money that is earned! You are only a decision away from
Once you determine how much money you want to earn, write it down on a sheet of paper in large figures. Look at the number with the dollar sign beside it and tell yourself over and over again:


Take the total figure and divide it into multiple parts. Let each part
represent a source of income. Each source of income represents a
separate reward that you would receive for a service you would render.
Work on one source of income at a time; each one can become an
exciting part of your life.

Think of how you can do whatever you do – more effectively.
Think of how you can improve the quality and quantity of service you render.
Think of how you can help people in a greater way.
Money is a servant; the more you earn, the more you can help others.

Edited by: Lawyer Asad

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