Friday, November 19, 2010

Expect Victory

Expect Victory
Edited by: Lawyer Asad

Do you wake up in the morning thinking, "This is going to be a lousy
day" or "Nothing good ever happens to me"? If you have an important
presentation to make, do you tell yourself, "I don't have a chance at
closing this sale"? If you routinely think this way, how does your day
turn out? Do you make the sale? I'd be willing to bet you get exactly
the results you expected.

Winners wake up every morning with excitement, enthusiasm, and
confidence, knowing that success is in store for them. Top performers
set their minds for victory; they set their minds for success.

Setting your mind for success doesn't happen automatically. You have to constantly tell yourself "today is a great day, good things are happening, and new and exciting doors are opening." Go out each and every day believing success will come your way.

Now, you may think, "My business isn't doing well, nobody will buy
from me, and I can't pay my bills. How can I live with enthusiasm? How
can I be positive when I have so many problems?"

You gotta make a decision that you're going to have confident
expectancy about everything you do. You have to continually expect
that things are going to get better. Positive expectation is a conscious choice and a habit of faith. It is a conscious choice to see a positive outcome instead of a negative one. As you think, so it is created. As you believe, so it is done.

Expectancy is about seeing beyond where you are. Look out into the
future and see yourself as successful, happy, and enthusiastic. See sales coming your way, see yourself having all the contacts you want and watch your income soar. See things better than they are . . . see them as you want them to be. Develop a habit of focusing on what's
right in your world instead of what's wrong, on what you have instead
of what you don't have, on your talents instead of on your weaknesses.
You're probably asking, "What if I do that and it doesn't work?"

My question to you is, "What if you do it and it does work?"

If you will consistently think about and focus on what you want, you
will ultimately get it. By focusing on positive thoughts, you open up
your mind to start attracting success. This is why top salespeople
seem to effortlessly sell so much more than average negative -thinking salespeople. People want to do business with positive, upbeat,
successful individuals.

When things look impossible or you're tempted to go through the day negative and self-destructive, that is when you have to step up and
change your belief level. Expect good things to happen. Expect to rise
above your challenges.
Expect victory!

When those around you predict doom and gloom for everything from the economy to your dreams and goals, remember that success in life, business and sales is mostly a mental game. Your thoughts will drive your results, your success, even your destiny. So proactively focus on the positive, defend your mind against the negative, and expect victory. You have the power to choose your thoughts and your attitude and, therefore, your success.

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