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Desire & needs !

Desire & needs!
By: Lawyer Asad

At the very outset of this article let it be made clear that 'wish','want','intention','longing' are various stages of our desire.
As Indians we know that every human being has six "Ripoo" or inherent trends the excessive use of which can be stated as a vice.
So what are those six traits? Its; Kaam, Krodha, Lobh, Mad, Moh & Matsarya.
Kaam or the wish of the mind or the libido is top of the six. A man can do everything for satisfaction of his 'Kaam' or desire. We know how a sex driven man can accomplish unheard of feats. Kaam is a great motivator and its also the great enemy of man. A man loses his sense of decency, or anything when he's driven by the desire of his lust.
Kaam, when restrained, becomes Krodha or anger. We've seen people create havoc, ransack the place, kill other mindlessly when their intention of the mind is not fulfilled. Krodha or anger is such an energy if it can be used purposefully then it can produce huge power as we harness the power of the water by building a dam and produce hydro-electricity.
Lobh is greed. Excessive of it makes a person dishonest.
Mad or ego. If moderately used it can take us a great heights.
Moha or attraction. Its a silly virtue but often mislead us and put us in deep trouble by engaging into acts which, normally, we'd not do.
Matsarya or an attitude of oppression. As big fishes eat the small ones in a tank so in this society the mighty wants to exploit the less privileged.
Now returning to the main theme of this article. Desire and need.
Desire arises from need. God felt the need that there'd be light on the Earth and He said, let there be light. And there was light.
It has also been seen that sometime our desires are formed on its own though there's no need for it. A billionaire goes on the rampage of accumulating wealth though apparently he has no need for it.
Well, its now known that as there's a will, there's a way so when there's a need, there's a desire.
There're three types of needs; immediate or short term, the mid term and the long term. And according to the nature of our needs our desires arise in our minds.
But before we begin discussion about needs, lets make one thing clear. When we're affluent enough, or financially independent to acquire whatever we like at least which money can buy, or we can afford for the object of our desires then all these needs and desires are not that relevent.
As students of mind matters where law of attraction or materialization come into play we know how to create that state of mind for acquiring the object we desire with resources are yet to be supplied.
So the center point of discussion here is;
#1 we've some kinds of needs.
#2 we've a desire for satisfaction of that need.
#3 we've to materialize that desire into reality.

These immediate needs are for instant gratification of some desires.
Now, if the circumstance is such that the instant need is a critical one and we're stressing our mind as well as continuously sending out signals to the Universe for instant materialization of the desire, then the chance is that it won't be fulfilled. While writing this point suddenly an incident from my own school days flashes into my mind. It happened possibly in the year 1965.
Fees were collected from students in the class room by the class teacher. Dates were fixed. 5th, 10th & 15th of every month students would pay fees to the class teacher. I was in Class VI possibly and I had forgotten to take the fees on the scheduled date. It had hurt my pride very much because on the next day I had to pay the late fine.
So I was praying very earnestly that somehow a sum of Rs. 5/- comes to my hand. I had not only prayed to God but to other Darvesh and Sheers also. Pir Khakkar Baba's tomb was near our school and I also prayed that let those pieces of papers turn into notes. But even after one hour's of try nothing happened.
Lastly, it came to me that I'd go back to home, collect the money and return to school for payment of my fees. I almost ran the entire road of 3 kms to and 3 kms fro school-home-school.
But unfortunately my fees couldn't be paid on that day as the time was over.
That earnestness, that desire so strong that without having it would make my life a void, that constant knocking at the door of the Universe failed to yield any result. Rather couldn't materialize my desire.
Now when I look back it teaches me a lesson.
It is; don't take any instant desire for materialization unless you've the means. Another matter is that plan things well ahead. It'll not catch you in wrong foot.
We all know that Universe has its own system of working and our vibration can move it. But if we press it with our desires then possibly it'd simply overlook it and engage itself in the materialization of others desires.
Does it mean then that none of our instant desires would be fulfilled? No it doesn't mean it.
Our desire for someone's well being can be materialized. Prayer is a form of desire. When we pray for others then we also desire something or some result for that person.
If you've read the book "Science & Health with Key to the Scripture" by Mrs. Merry Baker Eddy, founder of the Christian Science then you know the very first line of the book. Its "Desire is Prayer"! When we pray for us its limited to our own well being but when we desire something for others then we enlarge our spectrum of the realm. For some reasons unknown call it God, Universe or any other Supreme Being likes this attitude in us.
Experts are saying Ask, Believe & Receive. As usual most of it come from their lip service and easier said than done.
We've to engage our mind into a through thinking for it. We love to nourish the idea that we're thoughtful and thinking. But if we sincerely engage ourselves in thinking then its a real tough work and it works.

To your needs and to your desires!
Make both a successful one!

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