Monday, November 22, 2010

The Absence of Desire is the Beginning of Happiness 

The Absence of Desire is the Beginning of Happiness

By Kacper Postawski
Creator of The 7 Ancient Health Secrets

If you look closely, all your desires are actually like mirages.

An illusion you never get to that makes your life into a never-ending, non-fulfilling story that only keeps you wanting more.

When you're walking in the desert, and you see the image of a lake, you thirst. You keep walking after the lake, but the more you walk, the more you thirst, the further the lake gets away from you.

And your thirst is never quenched.

This is the same insane madness that most of us live our lives in constantly... constantly wanting something else to be fulfilled. Constantly thinking about an imaginary future that will bring salvation.

This is "normal life"... as it seems.

After all, it's what your parents taught you to do... It's what everyone else is doing...

But, essentially, it's madness! Because you keep going somewhere...and... You never get there!

You have small glimpses of peace, enlightenment, bliss,... "sanity" in between.

Here's what you may have not noticed before... Eventually when you do get what you want... you are happy for a very brief while.

Why are you happy?

"Because I got what I want!" one might say.

Actually - it's because for that moment... there is an absence of desire.

When you have no desire... all of a sudden, you're happy for no reason. (but your mind of course links this to the fact that you achieved your "desired" outcome). In that moment, your mind stops... you are empty, you do not need anything else.

Desire is heavy. Why? Because there is a simple law in the Universe.. "What you focus on expands." And when you desire... what expands? The assumption that you do not have what you want.

And "not having"... is a very heavy thing. It's dull, depressing, agony. This is the pressure you feel in your bell right when overwhelming desire for getting something builds. This is the pressure and "blind spot" which actually makes your life a struggle.

The paradox is... when you are desire-less... When you are empty of all desire...

It takes only a single thought to move your life situation in the direction of that thought.

It takes only a single thought, and slight intention behind it...and of course, a little action on your part...


Whatever it is you "wanted"... somehow ends up in your life very shortly. Without the heaviness behind your desires...The Universe unfolds at your feet.

Of course... this can become a trap by itself again... as your mind can "own" this as another concept and begin to play with it, talk about it, find it interesting. Then, begin to use this as just another "fancier" way to "get what I want and keep it"

This is "fake spirituality" :) And eventually leads to your suffering anyway. As you begin attached to everything you bring into your life.

Become desire-less, self-less, attach-less, then you are like the drop of clear water through which the sunlight moves through... And the rainbow appears :)

May all beings be free
Kacper M. Postawski

Edited by: Lawyer Asad

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