Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Inner Guidance System

Our Inner Guidance System:

We have incredible powers of mind and emotions that give you timely and accurate feedback in every area of our life.

In this article we'll learn how to "tune in" to ourself so we can
make the right decision in every situation.

Using our Inner Guidance System
We know that the body has a natural bias toward health and energy. It's designed to last for 100 years with proper care and maintenance. When something goes wrong with any part of our body, we experience it in the form of pain or discomfort of some kind.

We know that when our body is not functioning smoothly and painlessly,
something is wrong, and we take action to correct it. We go to a doctor; we take pills; we undergo physical therapy, massage or chiropractic. We know that if we ignore pain or discomfort for any period of time, it could lead to something more serious.

Detect Right From Wrong
In the same sense, nature also gives us a way to tell emotionally what's
right for us and what's wrong for us in life. Just as nature gives us
physical pain to guide us to doing or not doing things in the physical
realm, nature gives us emotional pain to guide us toward doing or not
doing things in the emotional or mental realm. The wonderful thing is
that we're constructed so that if we simply listen carefully to ourself-to our mind, our body and our emotions-and follow the
guidance we're given, we can dramatically enhance the quality of our life.

Just as the natural physical state of our body is health and vitality,
our natural emotional state is peace and happiness. Whenever we
experience a deviation from peace and happiness, it's an indication that
something is amiss. Something is wrong with what we're thinking, doing or saying. Our feeling of inner happiness is the best indicator we
could ever have to tell us what we should be doing more of and what
we should be doing less of.

The Messenger
Unhappiness is to our life as pain is to our body. It is sent as a messenger to tell us that what we're doing is wrong for us.

Very often, we'll suffer from what has been called "divine discontent."
We'll feel fidgety and uneasy for a reason or reasons that are unclear
to us. We'll be dissatisfied with the status quo. Sometimes, we'll be
unable to sleep. Sometimes, we'll be angry or irritable. Very often,
we'll get upset with things that have nothing to do with the real
issue. We'll have a deep inner sense that something isn't as it should
be, and we'll often feel like a fish on a hook, wriggling and squirming
emotionally to get free.

Divine Discontent
And that is a good thing. Divine discontent always comes before a
positive life change. If we were perfectly satisfied, we would never
take any action to improve or change our circumstances. Only when we're dissatisfied for some reason do us have the inner motivation to engage in the outer behaviors that lead us onward and upward.

We've to listen to ourself. We've to trust our inner voice. We've to go with the flow of our own
personality. We've to do the things that make us feel happy inside and we'll probably never make another mistake.

Action Exercises:
Here are three steps we can take immediately to put these ideas into

First, we've to listen to ourself and trust our own feelings. If there is a
part of our life that causes us stress and unhappiness, then we'd resolve to deal with it.

Second, we've to identify those areas of our life where we are dissatisfied or frustrated for any reason. What changes should be there in us? What could we make?

Third, remember that nature wants us to be happy, healthy, popular and
prosperous. Any deviation from those conditions is a signal to us that
action is necessary.

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