Friday, October 15, 2010

Love; the reality behind emotion!

Is there anything called love between a husband and wife? Its a matter or rather marriage of convenience between the two. Human being has a natural tendency to get attached with someone or something and exercise the emotion of infatuation, affection, desire, passion and any other words. A man has a family; wife, kids, pets, cars, house & his hobbies. He goes out on the morning of week days for earning. Returns in the evening. As a ritual he kisses at least two times in a day. At the time of his departure and when he arrives.
He's known as a good human being in the neighbourhood, who mows his own lawns, does the plumbing and mend the leaking roof. Goes on playing Golf or angling on week ends. He thinks people are praising for how a good man he is and the wives of his neighbours compare him with their husbands when they quarrells with their husbands.
After dinner sits before the TV to watch his Big League games or other soaps. In bed if he feels then he just ride over his wife without even asking if she's ready or willing.
This man might get even local media attention as an ideal man of the house. An honest and diligent man who earns for his family with honest means, an ideal husband, a real hero to his children. He lives in the fancy that he loves his wife and kids. But in fact he mingles his passion, his infatuations, his lust and his craving for appreciation as love.
Wife also thinks that she's getting a security, a roof over her head, money to do the shopping. And occasionally pleasing her man to release his inner urge for sex. It all are a routine to her.
She knows if she's alone then life might be an uncertainty. She'll have to earn for her living. And she just can't be hooker to make her living.
Both are confined to their own "comfort zones" and won't come out under any circumstances. There're very few and even miniscule like the bacteria or the bug which can only be found under the magnification of a microscope, who dared to come out of their comfort zones and enjoying their true liberties. They have got wings! They have realized it better to live all by themselves than living with someone who's not a mental match! Of course at one point of time there was warmth, passion, affection, a longing for company but with time it had been mechanical, routine and boring.
So its better to move out of that suffocating ambience where every minute is poisoning the soul slowly, but definitely.
But is there nothing such thing called love? My reply is yes it is; when two persons who're equal on status, economy and standard consent to exchange the feelings of their hearts, their cares, their delights, their sorrows with each other without any hidden agenda or for any material gain then its love. Its like a partnership where both know each other well but one doesn't impose him/herself on others, there's mutual respect, trust and a fine tuning. Much like the two wheels of a cart where each plays the equal role to make the cart going. Love is a kind of good feeling as one does when he/she sees a fresh Rose or the Autumn leaves. They have nothing to ask from us in return but there're just there so that s/he feels a tingling sensation, ringing of the bell in heart.
Love does inspire to develope the inner qualities or makes us listen to our heart and do accordingly.
The girl who thought about being a philosopher, or a singer, or a fashion designer or a journalist since she was quite a girl. But now a days all her time is spent in raising kids, doing the rounds in Bank, stores, malls and schools. When she does retire after finishing her daily chores then there's no energy left for her to pursue her dreams, or to listen to her heart. Her heart has long ceased to speak to her. She's losing her dreams as well herself in the rut of the life and love.
This picture could have been otherwise where she, in spite of being married and having kids, could pursue her dreams to become what she wanted to be in life by the inspiration and cooperation from the man with whom she has attached herself in the nuptial tie or just by living with him.
Love is sacrifice. Love is giving more and receiving less. Love is unconditional and don't ask for return.
Love is like the butterfly. If you chase it it'll flee from you. But if you sit still it'll come to you.
People get heartache from a broken or badly working relations. Its not love. Its a kind of feeling for insecurity.
They fail to realize that if someone goes away after getting involved in an emotional relationship then its true that she or he never loved him or her. So why feel bad or suffer from heartache or depression when she or he never belonged to you?
Is it called love?
No! Its not love!

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