Sunday, October 10, 2010

Love explained!

Love and our misconception about it.

Perhaps "Love" is the single most word which has been used most since human being had learnt to communicate with each other.
A word much cliched, much misunderstood and cause of much blood shed through out the world marring the pages of history with stains of blood. Much lives has been taken in the name of love and religion.
Naturally a question can arise in mind; what is love and how powerful it is? What love actually is?

In this article I've tried to deal with the question and has been honest to explain the matter as it is or as it appears without any personal bias, conviction, belief or frame of mind.
According to Compact Oxford Dictionary Thesaurus; Love means
1. A strong feeling of affection,
2. A strong feeling of affection linked with sexual attraction,
3. A great interest and pleasure in something,
4. A person or thing one loves, and
5. (in Tennis, Squash, etc) a score of zero.

We have replaced or rather coined our infatuation, fondness, passion, desire, liking for the word love and thats creating the actual problem.

Its my very personal thought that its not possible for any mortal human being to know the real meaning of love. Because a human being is not above desire and it is not possible to love some one which calls for enhancement of the qualities of the next level.

Only the prophets, who has come to this World, has loved their fellowmen in the true sense of the word. Without any reservation, without any expectation and unconditionally.

Look into the love of God not only for we, the human kind, but for all His creations. God gives rain, air, light and all other natural resources equally to the believers in Him as well as to those who don't believe in the very existence of God!

It makes me wonder sometime what would the conditions of us have been if these natural resources were under control of some human being? Certainly half of the world population would have starved because they failed to please him and half would die as he was angry with them.

Actually its in the human nature to possess the best available things, the bigger house, the latest car, the beautiful wife. Its for that reason the word "Chattel" in old English included wives and children. So virtually there was no difference of a man's possession of his cattles, sheeps, dogs, poultry along with wife and children. Wife and children were among his "properties"! And no doubt a farmer "loved" his wife and kids. Its also a kind of love for him.

Deep in the human nature is the desire for craving. By liking someone we crave that people will appreciate for having beautiful girls beside them much like their latest fashionwear or electronic apperatus!
Its a kind of "Neighbours envy, owner's pride"!
Any prudent person can say its not love.

The first condition of love is to love the self!
"Love your neighbour as thyself" was not written in the Bible as just a word of mouth! It has deep significance and sets the first condition for loving others. Love them as you love yourself; and in return they'll also love you.
But the pity is most of us don't love ourselves! Had that been then possibly there'd have been less suicides in this World!
Is not it?
We've to love ourselves and we've to love our neighbours (or others) as we love ourselves.
But how to love oneself?
Loving the self means having no regret for the self and accepting myself as I am, in a complete package! It'd not be borne in my mind that I'm coloured, I'm short, I've a not so presentable face, etc. etc.
Keep it in mind that God's creation is always beautiful and perfect. You're the only human being in this whole Universe to stand out as a unique entity or individual out of the 750 billion population! You're one and only. Even the identical twins are different in their features.
So its for sure that while creating you God had taken great care to make you perfect and beautiful.
If that be so then why you're suffering from any kind of guilty feelings or inferiority complex?
Accept yourself as you are. Have no regret for your past. Be your best friend. When you become your best friend and accept yourself unconditionally then you set forth the "Law of Attraction" in motion. Like will certainly attract likes!
Your love for the self would attract love of others towards you.
Try to love everyone, not only human being, but everything that lives and breathes, unconditionally and without expecting any return.
Your life would be showered with pure and unconditional love.
Rise above the mass and say "Yes I can love all that is in this Universe unconditionally"! And see the change in your life.
"Love thyself as you'd love your loved one"!