Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Boy & the Angel

This blog is created for the purpose of narrating a unique story of a boy. This boy for the most of his life has lived with his vision and a dream. A kind of illusion which he had when he was quite a boy of 14.
This was not the age to have any vision or be resolute to persue any dream. But it was so strange, overwhelming and stimulating that he couldn't just shake it off.
It was something for him. A life which was desolate, isolated, eccentric and gloom suddenly found a purpose to live solely for the purpose of materializing the dream on this plain.
He's one of those few chosen one who could hear the voice of his heart.
Forty years, yes four decades took that boy, who by the time has grown into a man, to make his dream a reality.
During this time he didn't sit idle or be unmindful of his dream. Rather set himself to the grind and rigorously prepared himself for the greatest occasion of his life.
In this blog the story of that boy would be detailed.

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