Thursday, January 6, 2011

Facebook, the new field for internet frauds & conmen!

Its the third time in four months I've received messages from fellow facebook users (none of them is in my list of friends) informing me being the lucky winner of lots of money. Before these kinds of emails would automatically be directed to the "Spam" folder by the server and very few would have opened those. But now a days these conmen has changed their strategies and using social networks to lure people to their trap and rob them.
Is people still so stupid to believe all these hoax?
Since the day I've started using emails I'm being informed of winning millions of US Dollars, Pounds and Euros. If those are added then it'd certainly run into billions.
In India now a days text messages are also being sent.
Banks, government departments and other public utility services are warning people against all these things. Still people are falling into their traps.
The most shocking thing is that these people, I mean the scammers, are using brand names like Microsoft, MSN, Yahoo, Nokia and others. They're using United Nations and even the name of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. One asked me to contact Can you imagine how daring these people has been.
If they're on Social Networks like facebook and others then they pose as pretty girls and add you as friend. Once you accept their request they'd volunteer to chat with you whenever they see you online. They pose as native English speaking people but their English is the most worst thing you'll ever experience. Ask about their whereabout then they'd say that say about some City in the USA but at the same time would say that presently for some reason they're in West Africa. What the hell they're doing in West Africa? No reply. They never mention Nigeria. Because Nigeria is the breeding field of all these frauds.
One woman (I still doubt her gender and genuinity) called herself as Ruth Williams. She told that she's from Houston, TX, USA and by profession a medical practitioner. She has an eleven year daughter and a divorcee. When I asked her where she's now then she told that she was in Afghanistan. But the amazing thing is that she's not with US Army nor with Red Cross or with any other voluntery organization. Only an idiot would believe her statement.
After few days of many a lucid talks she asked for money to be sent to her daughter. Because she can't send money. But I flatly refused to oblige her. She begged and pleaded but couldn't move me.
Then she asked me for emails of my American friends with whom she can make friendships.
Again I had disappointed her by telling that I don't believe in her stories. She calls herself as an US citizen but she has no friends there, no relatives and God knows if she has even a daughter as claims.
I had to block her.
All these matters are told here not to narrate the matter how girls find me adorable to make friendships but to drive home the point to make the reader beware of these elements.
When I had first received such a message in facebook then I replied him back that I'd report to the facebook against him. You know what he replied? Go ahead.
His reply stunned me. They're such daring.
I've no knowledge about British legal system but from all the reference made in these "prize winning" notification emails there's always a Barrister for contact. My friend Pauline Maria is disgusted with the British legal system and compare the British lawyers as criminals.
She's fighting her own battle as a "One-man Army" against this rotten and corrupted legal system.
It seems that her claims are well founded.
Now coming to the present situation. Nokia is a big corporation and they've their own website along with details for contacting them. But if you notice the email mentioned in the letter below you'll notice that nokia is using the msn ID for their email.
How ridiculous?
In United States there's government managed website for complaining against such matters relating to internet. But the procedure for lodging a complaint is such hazardous and complex that I had to quit it half way. The authorities should look after these to make the procedures more user friendly or the purpose of the webside would be lost.
Facebook has 700 million active users out of which 200 millions users access their facebook accounts through their mobile phones. If facebook would be a country then it'd be the third highest populated country of the world after China and India.
Facebook is making a lot of strict procedures to make its domain a safe and secure place for its users. But when it comes to report against any fellow user the procedure is very complex. Try some day to report against a facebook user and you'll know how tough it is.
But what surprises me is the non-challant attitude of the facebook administration against all these frauds, who're not only using their domain for illegal purpose but they're also using the name of facebook to lure people.
Facebook just can sleep over it. So can't Nokia, Microsoft, MSN, Yahoo and others.
These things and practices should immediately be stopped and the culprits be brought to the book.
This article is written for the purpose that it catches the notice of those people who can take the decisions and stop these scammers from robbing unsuspecting people.
Please come forward and raise your voice against all these fraud practices.
Thank you.
Lawyer Asad

Subject: Antoinette Ramos sent you a message on Facebook...
From: Facebook <>
Date: 05.01.2011 11:09

Antoinette sent you a message.


Head office:
Nokia UK Inc
Connecting people
1st Floor, Po Box 1190,
8 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5NA
United Kingdom ,

Date: 05/01/2011
Ref no: 475061725
Batch no: 7056490902/188
Winning no: gb8701/lprc


Dear internet user.

we are delighted to inform you of your prize release on 1st
January,2011 from the on going Nokia international
Promotion which is fully based on an electronic selection of
winners, your facebook user account was attached to ticket number; 47061725 07056490902 serial number
7741137002. Sponered by Facebook,Microsoft,Hotmail,Google and

the online draws was conducted by a random selection of Facebook Users
from an exclusive list of 29,031 e-mail addresses of
individuals and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated
random computer search from Canada, Australia,South America,united states, Asia,China
Europe, middle east and Oceania as part of our international promotions
program which is conducted annually in the internet. However, no tickets were sold but all email addresses were assigned to different ticket numbers for
representation and privacy.

This batch draws the lucky numbers as follows 5-13-33-37-42 bonus
number17, which consequently won the lottery in the second category.
You hereby have been approved a lump sum pay £ 500,000
(Five hundred thousand Pounds) in cash credit file ref: ilp/hw
47509/02 from the total cash prize shared amongst eight lucky
winners in this category.

How to claim your prize: simply contact our cash officer,
Mr. Williams J. Johnson in: coordinator:
to file for your claim. please quote your reference, batch and winning
number which can be found on the top left corner of this notification
to help locate your file easily as well as your full name, address and
telephone number,Country and email address.

Congratulations once again on your winnings!!!

London representative claims center: coordinator :
official number: call Mr. Williams J. Johnson on: +44-7035917240

Best regard,
Ms. Antoinette Ramos
Promotion Coordinator

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