Thursday, December 30, 2010

Having What You Want To Have

Having What You Want To Have

This is a story I've read somewhere else – I can't remember the source or who's the author. If you remember, please let me know so that I can credit him accordingly. The story below has been written in my style, thus, there are slight changes from the original story.


A businessman went for a vacation in a very beautiful native island – to get away from the all of the city noise and the working stress he has.

Because he likes fishing, he got up in the morning and went to the famous fishing bay near the village to catch some fish. When he was there, he saw another man already sitting there to fish.

So he approached the villager and greeted him and introduced himself, "Hi, my name's Nelson. Can I join you?"

The man looked at him and smile… and welcomed him as a friend to join.

Nelson sat beside him.

Then Nelson saw plenty of fishes that the man had already caught.

"Well, you're really good at fishing!"

The man replied, "Yes, I like fishing… it's my hobby."

"So what do you do with the fishes that you caught? Do you sell them?" Nelson asked.

The man said, "I eat them with my family and the extra fishes are given to my neighbors in our village."

Nelson asked further, "What else do you do to past time?"

"Well, I spend a lot of time fishing, playing with my kids and drinking with friends."

"You know, with so many fishes you have caught, you can easily sell them in your market." Nelson suggested.

Nelson continues, "And when I was on my way here, I saw another village nearby your village and they have a market there too… you can easily take your fish there to sell there and make some money."

"Then when you make this extra cash, you could hire a few other villagers to help you fish in this bay. With that, you have more fishes to sell.

With this extra money, you can have your own shop to keep and sell the fish. As long as you can freeze the fish, you can sell them later on or even turn them into different kind of sea food!

Speaking of different kind of food, have you thought of owning your own fish factory? Produce all kinds of fish food."

Nelson paused for a while but still excited… and continues, "You know what you'll do after that? You start exporting fish food out of your village to other states! Those in other states will definitely pay a premium for your fresh seafood since they don't have that in where they live."

The man looked at Nelson and with a slight confusing expression.

"Mr. Nelson…

"Mr. Nelson, why do you think I want to do all of these?", the man ask innocently.

Nelson gladly answered to him with a cheerful smile, "Well, my friend, then you'll be able to be free and do what you always like to do like fishing, playing with your kids and spending time with your friends."

The man answered, "I'm already doing all of these."


I like to take this opportunity to thank you as my valuable reader and the time to wish you a Happy Holiday! Feel free to let me know what you've learn from this story in your comment and leave your feedback if you like what you've read today.

Your friend,

Patric Chan

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